This is a review of the first half of season 3. If you’d like to catch up, or remind yourself of what happened previously, check out my review of season 1 HERE, and my review of season 2 HERE. Season 3 starts with Eren Jaeger and his friends joining commander Levi Ackerman’s squad against the…Continue Reading “Review – Attack on Titan season 3 Part 1”

Remember my post back that I wanted another attempt for a live-action Attack on Titan movie?  If not, you can find it here. Well, it looks like I might get my wish granted. Andy Muschietti, director of IT and its upcoming sequel, is set to direct a live-action adaptation for Warner Bros. Hopefully, WB can succeed with…Continue Reading “Andy Muschietti to Direct Warner Bros.’ ATTACK ON TITAN Live Action Movie”

Just like with the Eden Zero review HERE, the missing episodes of Attack on Titans will be reviewed all at once. When I last left them off, Eren and the gang had gotten ambushed by The Military Police.  To make matters worse, it looks like the leader of the squad that ambushes them is someone…Continue Reading “Review: ATTACK ON TITAN Season 3 Episodes 2-6”

Holy animation craze Batman. Three manga/anime related reviews in such a short amount of time? Maybe I should change my twitter handle to Animemaniacs after all. Anyway, after my week of Attack on Titan related posts, it felt like a no-brainer to cover season 3. Wasn’t so sure if I should do an episode by…Continue Reading “Review: ATTACK ON TITAN Season 3 Episode 1”

After my reviews (or should I call them rants) of the live-action adaptations, you probably did not expect this post (unless you read the schedule obviously). I’ve always believed that Attack on Titan is a franchise with cinematic potential. A failed attempt, no matter if it is from the land where the source material comes…Continue Reading “Opinion: Why ATTACK ON TITAN Needs Another Live Action Adaptation”

In Attack on Titans 2, you play through season one and two of the anime. However, instead of playing as any of the pre-existing characters you play as a self-created Avatar. Using an Avatar in a game that wants to re-tell an already told story is always a red flag for me, and this game…Continue Reading “ATTACK ON TITAN 2 Video Game Review”

The second movie takes off where the first one left off. What more can I really say as a synopsis? You know the saying “it might get better from here”? I wished this statement would fit when it came to these live-action adaptations, but sadly they don’t. If anything it is only making it worse….Continue Reading “Review: ATTACK ON TITAN Live Action (Part 2)”

If your franchise gets popular enough, a live-action treatment is bound to happen. This movie is the first part of a live-action adaptation of the titan-sized franchise that I have posted about for the last four days. The synopsis goes like season one of the anime; we follow the likes of Eren Jaeger and his…Continue Reading “Review: ATTACK ON TITAN Live Action (Part One)”

Attack on Titan; a dark, gritty franchise, filled with death and despair. With the franchise being so popular, it’s a no brainer it should get a spin off right? What about a comedy spin-off? Cause that’s what we’re going to talk about, the Attack on Titan comedy spin-off, Attack on Titan Junior High. Yes, you…Continue Reading “Review: Attack on Titan Junior High”

Season two starts off where the last season ended. Eren Jaeger and his friends are still at war with the humanoid eating Titans. It doesn’t get any easier as more mysteries and enemies are discovered along the way With season one’s massive popularity, you would think that season two would have been right around the…Continue Reading “Review: ATTACK ON TITAN Season 2”