The Boys, Riverdale, Smallville Today in our TV news roundup we have word that Karl Urban will star in Amazon’s The Boys. The news is coming from THR, and the show has already been greenlit for a series. For those of you who don’t know, The Boys is set in a darker superhero world than we are…Continue Reading “TV News Bits: THE BOYS, Y: THE LAST MAN, SMALLVILLE, RIVERDALE/SABRINA”

For years, New Line Cinema has tried to bring the acclaimed Vertigo comic Y: The Last Man to the big screen. However, last year, the film rights for the graphic novel reverted to creators Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. Obviously, this killed whatever movie plans New Line had. However, it looks like the story will…Continue Reading “FX Developing Television Series Based on Y: THE LAST MAN”

New Line Cinema had been planning a film iteration of the acclaimed Vertigo series Y: The Last Man for several years. Disturbia director D.J. Caruso and screenwriter Carl Ellsworth were planning to unite for the big screen adaptation, which was set to be produced by Man of Steel scribe David S. Goyer. Eventually, however, this incarnation…Continue Reading “Y: THE LAST MAN Adaptation Dead Once More As Film Rights Revert To Creator”

In this post, we have a handful of minor news updates regarding DC/Vertigo film and television properties. First up, Y: The Last Man co-creator Brian K. Vaughan has offered an update on the long in-development film adaptation. A director was hired last year, but there has been little movement since. Now, Vaughan tells Comic Book…Continue Reading “News Tidbits: Ticking Clock On Y: THE LAST MAN, Update On THE FLASH Production, Colin Farrell Talks Batfleck, ARROW S2E12 Promo”

Three years ago this month, I exposed the nefarious scheme orchestrated by the brilliant minds at Marvel to infiltrate the DCEU with their spy Zack Snyder. What I failed to focus on at the time was the organization above Marvel that pulled the strings the entire time: Disney. Along with my brilliant team of researchers,…Continue Reading “THEORY: Rian Johnson’s Evil Scheme to Ruin Our Childhoods Finally Exposed?”

Last week I talked about Ben Affleck not being in the Matt Reeves directed Batman movie. Now that it’s official he won’t return, there’s rumors and fan casting going around for Robert Pattinson as Batman. There’s many reasons he could be gold in the role, but here’s five. 1. Box Office Draw The first reason is…Continue Reading “Feature: Five Reasons for Robert Pattinson as Batman”

What makes a great superhero comic? It’s a tough question. You can look back through the decades and a few really standout: Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man, Brubaker’s Captain America, Johns’ Justice League and Snyder’s Batman. And in all honesty, I’m not sure where you put Hickman’s run at Marvel in the 2010s? It spawned two of the…Continue Reading “Why Tom King’s ‘Batman’ Is The Best Superhero Comic Out”

Directed By: Sam Liu, Jake Castorena Based Upon: “The Death of Superman” by DC Comics Wow. Just wow. The End. JUST KIDDING. The non-spoiler review is below. I might do a spoiler review after the movie is out on all platforms. I was enormously impressed with this film. The DC Animated Movie Universe has neverrr…Continue Reading “Review: THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN”

Promotion for DC Films’ Aquaman is finally kicking off. We shared the teaser poster earlier today, while the trailer is set to premiere at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. Now, the hype continues. The movie’s website officially launched today. While it doesn’t have too much, it has a plot synopsis that teases Arthur Curry’s origin…Continue Reading “AQUAMAN Website Launches, Plus Highlights From Set Visits”

Have you ever made a bet? That intuition fueled guessing game that delivers the instant satisfaction of being right, or makes you fall flat on your face? I don’t make bets often; but when I do, they’re always with a purpose. In this particular instance, I made a bet with fellow WOBAM contributor Isak Wolff:…Continue Reading “I Lost a Bet and Had to Watch BATMAN AND HARLEY QUINN. Hold Me While I Sob…”