About Us

In 2018, a group of friends came together and combined their forces to create WOBAM Entertainment. What started as a DC and Marvel fan site in 2013 has grown into a celebration of fandom, covering movies, TV, video games, books, comics, music, anime, wrestling, and all manner of pop culture in between.

Our mission is to be a beacon where fans can express themselves. We shun toxic fandom and embrace being a platform where people can come together and celebrate the things we all love. We choose to elevate others like us, and use our voices on social media to lift up our friends and their friends.

We hope you’ll stay a while and read, sign-up for our newsletter, and join the conversation.

– Landon Beall, Editor-in-Chief

Meet the Crew

Landon Beall – Editor-in-Chief

Landon comes to WOBAM with a creative background, having written and directed various audio fiction podcasts and worked with the Audio Verse Awards since 2013. He’s also the founder of Story Bake, a production outlet dedicated to the art of storytelling, part of Sound Escape Productions. He can regularly be found in East Tennessee, easily spotted because he’s the only person in 100 miles who owns two Myst shirts.


Paul Romano – EIC Emeritus

The guy who started it all. Paul launched Watchtower of Babel News in 2013, with the goal of writing news and other content about DC Comics. He went on to launch sister site Astonishing Marvels in 2017, before combining the two into what is now WOBAM Entertainment. As EIC Emeritus, Paul watches over a little farm in outer space and smiles.


Brandon Alvarado – Associate Editor

Co-creator of the Amateur Otaku.


Isak Wolff – Staff Writer

Swedish Geek and lover of Fire Emblem. Co-creator of The Amateur Otaku.


Jason Thompson – Staff Writer

He’s more of a TV show guy than anything. Flash, Flash is good. He reviews it every week!


Markus Mattila – Contributor

Markus is an avid DC fan. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut


Nate Richard – Contributor

Nate Richard has been passionate about movies for as long as he can remember. He’s in love with Steven Spielberg and his filmography and is also a big Star Wars, Rocky, and MCU fan! He is the proud brother to a 14 year old brown standard poodle named Chip and a puppy named Hazel.


Michael Thomas – Contributor, Former Associate Editor/Audio Engineer

I like Avatar. That’s pretty much it. I also record all my crazy thoughts with my buddy John on our podcast Mike and John at the Movies.


Katie Rentschler – Contributor, former Deputy Editor

Katie joined the team in 2017. A Clemson computer science major, her expertise lies in the DC realm, specifically the CW shows. Katie is a huge fan of Star Wars and will argue that Legends are the best, but the new stuff is pretty great.


John Mathews – Contributor

John Mathews, known online as “johnmath95”, is what you’d call a “movie buff”. In both 2017 and 2018, he set a personal goal to watch 365 different movies before the year was over, and he successfully met that goal. John is a co-host of the Mike and John at the Movies podcast, with our own Michael Thomas being his other half. John’s other passions include sports (mainly watching) and video games.


Colin J. Kelly – Contributor

He/Him. Colin is driven by a need to create and share with others. An eternal game master, Colin is a lover of Audio Fiction. His experience as a manager in both personal and professional projects has taught him that mutual respect and compromise is the most important part of working together. Occasionally he writes about the things he loves. You can find him on twitter


Alex Burley (aka ABARy) – Contributor

Professional theorist and outer of spies.


Carl – Runs the Twitter

He runs the Twitter. May or may not be a real person.