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  • @PaulRom95 – Editor-In-Chief
    • The guy who started it all. Paul launched Watchtower of Babel News in 2013, with the goal of writing news and other content about DC Comics. He went on to launch sister site Astonishing Marvels in 2017. As Editor-in-Chief of WOBAM! Entertainment, Paul oversees the day-by-day activities of the platform. Simply put, he’s the boss.
  • @MTjr_15 – Associate Editor
    • I loved superheroes since I was six years old. A hero is someone that gives us hope. They inspire us to become more than we are. Whether it’s Arrow, The Avengers or even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I love talking about these characters. So that’s why I’m here. Bringing you reviews and news on these films we enjoy.
  • @thebeallman – Associate Editor
    • Landon joined WOBAM in 2017 through invitation from Michael Thomas. He comes to WOBAM from a creative background, having written and directed audio drama podcasts for Pendant Productions since 2011 and worked with the Audio Verse Awards since 2013. He’s also the founder of Story Bake, a YouTube channel and production outlet dedicated to the art of storytelling. When he’s not writing Agents of SHIELD reviews, he can be found shouting to the rooftops how awesome the Myst games are.
  • @Johnem95 – Associate Editor
    • John Mathews, known online as “Johnem95”, is what you’d call a “movie buff”. In both 2017 and 2018, he set a personal goal to watch 365 different movies before the year was over, and he successfully met that goal. With his love for movies, it goes without saying that he’s seen his fair share of superhero films. His favorites being “The Avengers”, “The Dark Knight”, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “Deadpool”. John’s other passions include sports (both playing and watching) and video games. He is currently working on getting a degree in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding.
  • @jwt6577 – Contributor
    • He’s more of a TV show guy than anything. Flash, Flash is good. He reviews it every week!
  • @_ABARy – Contributor
    • Conspiracy theorist extraordinaire.
  • @Emblemmaniac – Contributor
    • Isak is a 25 years old nerd from Sweden. His love of Superheroes was born after he saw the first episode from the Batman cartoon with Kevin Conroy and his dad’s comic book collection. Joined the site after finding it through Michael. His hobbies include: gaming (mostly strategy games), movies, and writing, be it fictional or factual (reviews, editorials etc).
  • @NateKnowsMovies – Contributor
    • Nate Richard has been passionate about movies for as long as he can remember. He’s in love with Steven Spielberg and his filmography and is also a big Star Wars, Rocky, and MCU fan! He is the proud brother to a 14 year old brown standard poodle named Chip and a puppy named Hazel.
  • @CrazyColinKelly – Contributor
  • Jorgie Rodriguez aka @SW_Rules – Contributor
  • @kgilstrap13 – Contributor
    • She’s the only female on the team, Katie joined the team in 2017 after an invitation from Paul. A current Clemson computer science major, her expertise lies in the DC realm, specifically the many CW shows. Katie is a huge fan of Star Wars and will argue the legends are the best, but the new stuff is pretty great.