Audio Fiction Review Guidelines

Podcasting as a medium of storytelling is currently experiencing a renaissance.

Many of the Super Heroes & icons covered by this site have been represented in audio form at some point. Famously, Superman defeated the KKK as part of the radio show The Adventures of Superman. This show also notably introduced the character of Perry White. The original Star Wars Trilogy was adapted into radio dramatizations by National Public Radio. The dramatizations featured Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels returning to reprise their roles. A Japanese franchise, Ouran High School Host Club, released three drama CDs on the show. Most recently, Marvel teamed up with Stitcher to release Wolverine: The Long Night over podcast.

As such, WOBAM! Entertainment has decided to begin reviewing audio fiction covering many of the topics we currently cover. However, we have noticed that before doing so, a level of standards and guidelines for reviewing need to be set in place.

Following the example of fellow journalists in the sphere, we are adopting the following ethics and guidelines for reviewing audio fiction.


When choosing to review a show, we will be;

  • Ignoring anything sent to us that does not include at least links to the show’s actual website and a detailed description of why we should review the show.
  • Reviewing shows in seasons, not episodes. This is because we find it impossible to discuss an overarching plot, which does not have a beginning, middle and end. Exceptions will always be made if a particular episode or standalone piece catches our ear.
  • Starting with audio fiction that is closest to the topics we already cover, in addition to the backlog mentioned above we need to work through. We will also be endeavoring to review currently releasing podcasts that are close to those subject matters.


We will not review a show if;

  • The review requests are made informally, and at the reviewer’s discretion.
  • The reviewer is actively involved with the podcast or the people behind it.
  • The podcast is intentionally harmful, abusive, violent or unnecessarily unkind to a marginalized community.
  • A significant contributor to the podcast has a documented history of abusive, violent, harassive, exploitive, or other harmful behavior toward others.
  • The podcast does not support it’s contributors financially.
  • We haven’t found anything nice to say about it.