WOBAM! Entertainment is Back and Better Than Ever

In April 2019, we at WOBAM! Entertainment disbanded our writing team, marking the end of the website. It was a mutual decision based on where our professional and personal lives were at the time, among other factors. Of course, in the world of comic books and fantasy characters, death is not always a permanent thing. And now, based on mutual interest from everyone on our team, the same can be said for our website.

We are thrilled to announce the revival of WOBAM! Entertainment. The site will return with new posts covering fandom’s biggest topics. However, there will be some key differences from our old approach.

Specifically, we will be scaling back the number of regular posts. This is largely a result of the removal of our regular news coverage. Rather than simply reposting news stories, we will strive to take major ones and write unique opinion pieces about the topic(s). Meanwhile, we will continue to publish editorials and reviews, emphasizing on the opinions of everyone on the writing staff.

Additionally, we will be expanding our topic coverage. Before, we simply focused on DC, Marvel, and Star Wars. However, we will now be writing about any topic within pop culture. Are you a gamer? You’ll be sure to like our editorials for the likes of Fortnite and Nintendo. Are you a movie/television watcher? You’ll want to tune in for our takes on the increasing number of streaming services. Whether it’s film, sports, video games, music, or anything in the world of pop culture, you’ll find something to like on WOBAM! Entertainment.

While we may not be the most active website in terms of daily articles, we at WOBAM! Entertainment will always strive to put out high-quality pieces based on fandom’s hottest topics. We are excited for our new future. As always, stay tuned.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of WOBAM! Entertainment.

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