FEATURE: Ten Ideas For Potential DC Television Shows

Over the past few months, DC Entertainment has announced a slew of new television shows based on its properties. The CW is developing The Flash (a spin-off of Arrow), iZombie, Hourman and reportedly Young Justice, while NBC is working on Constantine and Fox has a Gotham series in the works. Of course, there’s no stopping there, and other characters are likely being considered for their own series. Below, I’ve listed ten ideas for potential television shows that can be considered by DC.

*Note: With one minor exception, I wanted this list to have different characters from my last feature, which listed ten possible low budget movies from DC.

A couple iterations of a Deadman television show were in development over the years, but nothing ever materialized. A series starring Boston Brand would no doubt be intriguing, as the plot could follow him searching for his murderer (just make it as different from R.I.P.D. as possible). Plus, the character will appear in Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark movie, so a TV series detailing his background will serve as a proper introduction before his big screen debut.
Cyborg has seen a rise in popularity over the past couple years. After being reintroduced in The New 52 as a founding member of the Justice League, Vic Stone has also been featured in animated movies Justice League: Doom, The Flashpoint Paradox, and the upcoming Justice League: War. In the past, he has additionally been known as a founding member of the Teen Titans. If Cyborg doesn’t appear on the big screen anytime soon, a television series would be an ideal way to go. 
Red Hood
Red Hood is a key character in the Batman mythos. After the second Robin, Jason Todd, was brutally murdered, he was later revived and returned as a more aggressive vigilante than the Dark Knight. While Batman himself will probably be unable to appear, a Red Hood television series is a great idea for a spin-off from that franchise. Maybe they can take a page from Red Hood & The Outlaws and have him form a team with other characters, such as Roy Harper and Starfire. 
A key member of the Justice League, it would be surprising if Ray Palmer appears on the big screen in the near future. However, an Atom TV show could be intriguing. The biggest thing making this unlikely is Marvel’s Ant-Man movie, which stars a character very similar to Atom. Still, there are some differences that a series starring Atom can use to its advantage; not only can Palmer shrink to subatomic levels (smaller than Ant-Man), but he can shrink other objects as well. And it doesn’t hurt that his ex-wife, Jean Loring, was featured on Arrow.
Beast Boy
Another Teen Titans member, Beast Boy has emerged as a fan-favorite following the 2003 animated series. A live action show starring Garfield Logan would be an intriguing path, as his powers – being able to change into any animal – is something rarely seen in the genre. And if the character happens to be featured in The CW’s rumored Young Justice series, Beast Boy would serve as a suitable spin-off. 
Catwoman is one of Batman’s most popular villains/supporting characters. She has been featured in three of the Caped Crusader’s live action movies, and she has appeared in nearly every animated incarnation. A version of the character also starred in 2004’s Catwoman movie, which is commonly considered one of the worst movies of all time. Despite this, a live action TV show starring Selina Kyle has a lot of potential. It can further explore a side of Gotham City that may not be shown in upcoming Batman films, and those who want to see another version of the character before she’s on the big screen again would be satisfied here.
Booster Gold
A Booster Gold series is currently in the works at SyFy, and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed that it would be set in the same universe as Arrow. Michael Jon Carter certainly has potential to headline his own show. Time travel could be a key aspect, as he is commonly depicted as a character from the future. Booster Gold was also briefly referenced in Man of Steel, increasing the possibility of his being on the big or small screen in the near future.
Helena Bertinelli was featured in three episodes of Arrow last season, and the character could serve as yet another potential spin-off. The plot could follow Huntress’ continuing quest to kill her father (which she eventually drops), as well as other adventures outside of Starling City. The door is certainly wide open for more of Helena, but since Arrow is chock full of other story arcs to finish (League of Assassins, Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson, etc.), a Huntress TV spin-off would be ideal.
All-Star Western
I previously mentioned Jonah Hex as a possible low budget movie from DC Entertainment, but a television series would be just as satisfying. The character currently stars in the New 52 All-Star Western comic, and teams up with Amadeus Arkham. Having the latter found Arkham Asylum in a TV adaptation could be a great treat, showing for the first time the very beginning of the institution. Plus, comic book movies/television shows rarely touch on the Western genre, making All-Star Western more interesting. 
League of Assassins
The League is currently being featured this season on Arrow, with both it and Ra’s al Ghul being referenced heavily. We don’t know quite yet how the group will be further portrayed in the series (beyond Sara Lance’s training?), but whether or not it’s the same version as Arrow‘s, a series starring the League would be compelling if done right. Have characters such as Ra’s and Talia al Ghul be series regulars, while you can introduce supporting characters such as Katana. And if Arrow doesn’t go over Sara’s training in detail, a League of Assassins spin-off would have that covered.  
Which television shows do you want to see from DC Entertainment?

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