Grant Gustin, Geoff Johns And Andrew Kreisberg Talk THE FLASH, Tonal Differences From ARROW, Professor Zoom, Nyssa al Ghul, And More

Last night’s Arrow mid-season finale was electrifying (pun intended) to say the least. Among the multiple twists and plot developments was a rather inevitable move (SPOILER ALERT): Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen receives his powers that will lead to him becoming The Flash. The character will star in his own spin-off pilot, which will hopefully be picked up for a Fall 2014 premiere on The CW. Speaking with Comic Book Resources, Gustin, Geoff Johns and Andrew Kreisberg discuss the planned spin-off. The actor had this to say about what he is looking forward to when he films the pilot. “I’m mostly looking forward to getting the pilot script and seeing how Barry’s going to handle this happening to him. He’s not just excited. It’s scary. That’s what I loved about the character in the audition process — it’s not just he loves superheroes, and he’s a fanboy, and all of a sudden he’s like, “I’m going to be one, I’m really stoked about it.” It’s kind of like, “This is terrifying. This is really happening to me.” I’m really excited to play more of that.” 

Kreisberg affirms that The Flash will have distinct tonal differences from Arrow, saying, “We’ll want to keep “Arrow” as distinctive as possible, and “Flash” as distinctive as possible. Part of the fun will be how those two things play out in both shows, if we get that opportunity.” Johns adds, “But there are story reasons that Flash feels different and that he’s taking on different things in his series.” Kreisberg then talks about how the potential spin-off series would showcase as many DC Comics characters as Arrow, as well as how none of them should overshadow the titular character. “In the same way that “Arrow” was conducive to bringing on characters like Deadshot and the Huntress and some of the more grounded people, hopefully with “The Flash” there’s a way to bring on some of the more fantastical characters, that will probably still go through the grounding lens with which we view everything. But we could tackle some of the bigger villains, and possibly heroes. There’s a hint of a major character in the pilot. But it’s always important to remember — like with “Arrow,” everybody wants Batman to come on and whatnot, but Arrow has to be the coolest person on “Arrow.” The same thing with “The Flash” — Barry has to be the coolest person. If we’re lucky enough to get to do more past the pilot, it’ll really be about making sure that the audience loves The Flash, and Barry Allen, and Grant Gustin, as much as we do.” 
In episode eight of Arrow, Barry Allen describes the murder of his mother, hinting that Flash villain Professor Zoom/Eobard Thawne was behind it, similar to the comic books. When asked if this was indeed the plan, Johns avoided the question by confirming that many characters and elements from Flash’s comic book history will be utilized. “We’re using a lot of mythology, a lot of characters from the comics in the development of the “Flash” show. I don’t want to get too specific yet, but you’ll see a lot of characters, a lot of elements from that. It’s very much The Flash.” 

As for what is coming up on Arrow Season 2 (which returns January 15th), Nyssa al Ghul (played by Katrina Law) will be visiting Starling City. Kreisberg teases the arrival of Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter, saying, “She’s somebody that we’ve been a fan of, and when this part came up, we saw a lot of people for it, but she’s certainly exotic and beautiful and smart. Our stunt guys are over the moon, because she can do a lot of her own stunts. She’s the next wave of the League of Assassins that comes to Starling City. She has some interesting secrets as well.” And having been referenced several times in this season, many have been wondering when and if Ra’s himself will make an appearance. What does Johns have to say about that? “Maybe. Never say never. It’d be cool.” 

You can click the link above to read Johns and Kreisberg’s full interview with CBR, where they talk about “Olicity”, the villainous role of [redacted] later this season, Roy Harper’s future, and more. 


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