New Details On CONSTANTINE Pilot’s Plot, Characters And More

With NBC’s Constantine pilot now shooting, we have some new plot and character details for the Hellblazer’s small screen debut. Shock Till You Drop has shared some tidbits from the pilot’s script. While the site says John Constantine’s characterization is the highlight, the story (compared to Supernatural and Sleepy Hollows) could use some improvement. Then, ten pieces of information were listed, offering insight into what we can expect.

– The pilot takes place in and around New York City.

– When we first find John, we learn he has voluntarily checked himself into a psychiatric clinic. He’s haunted by an incident in which he lost a 9-year-old girl to a demon who has dragged her soul to hell. This incident has a significant impact on his life and it’s hat is driving him. He checks himself out of the hosptial after six months to find something sinister is afoot in the realm of the supernatural.

– John’s a clever wise-ass. His business card reads “Exorcist, Demonologist and Master of the Dark Arts,” but as he tells his doctor, he should replace “master” with “petty dabbler” because he hates to put on airs. He also doesn’t like to talk much about his past; he masks his emotions with wry humor.

– We won’t see John in his classic trenchcoat right away, but he gets there.

– An angel – Manny – has been assigned to John to help ease his soul into damnation. John hates angels.

– Liv Parsons, a young woman who works at a rental car facility, gets caught up in John’s world when she discovers something is after her. Liv’s deceased father, Jasper, knew John and John owes a debt to him.

– Papa Midnite – an imposing Cuban man who can dream the future – is ailing when we first find him. He’s doing a lot of cocaine because he has to stay awake.

– Expect to meet “Chaz,” John’s driver who is a tall, sensitive, quiet type yet is quite knowledgeable about the supernatural himself.

– The pilot is brimming with possessions, ghosts (Liv discovers a way to see the dead) and demons and the story does an adept job at not losing its audience in the mythology. Liv is our conduit to John’s world of rituals, pendants, black magic and more and it handles the exposition well.

– The foundation is set for a long-lasting partnership between Liv and John. Now that she’s aware of the world beyond ours, she wants to use her knowledge to help others. But is John willing to assist her? 

Stay tuned for more Constantine news as we have it. The pilot is eyeing a Fall 2014 premiere on NBC.

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