Matt Damon Denies Aquaman Rumors, But Isn’t Entirely Opposed To The Role

Recently, a rumor spread across the internet claiming that Matt Damon was wanted to play Aquaman in Warner Bros.’ Justice League movie. Considering the fact that Damon’s friend and frequent collaborator, Ben Affleck, is playing Batman, it’d make sense for the Bourne star to at least consider a DC role of his own. However, as expected, there is apparently “no truth” to the Aquaman rumor.

Appearing on CNBC Meets (via Digital Spy), Damon denies that he is being lined up for Aquaman, and jokes about playing Robin instead. “Since they made Ben Batman, I’ve been showing up at his house every day dressed as Robin, but my little campaign I don’t think has gone too well so far.” However, he then states that he would consider playing the King of Atlantis – only if it served as a benefit for his global fresh drinking water foundation, Water.org. “If dressing up in yellow tights somehow moved the needle on this issue, I would be willing to do that. I’ve done sillier stuff.”

Damon isn’t the only actor rumored for the role of Aquaman. Jason Momoa is expected to make some sort of appearance in Superman vs. Batman, with some claiming that he will play the King of Atlantis in that and Justice League. Josh Holloway was also briefly rumored for the part. With back-to-back filming on both DC movies starting soon, we should expect official casting news for Aquaman within the coming months.

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