Stephen Amell Discusses Reprising ARROW Role In THE FLASH Pilot

While there has been much talk of a crossover between Arrow and its spin-off The Flash, it looks like we’re getting one sooner than later. The extended trailer for Barry Allen’s series released today confirmed that The Arrow (Stephen Amell) will make an appearance in the pilot, offering advice for the new superhero. Now, Amell has spoken with TV Guide about his Flash cameo. “In the Flash pilot, Barry comes to me. [It’s a] little snippet in the Flash pilot where he and I share a scene together, it’s in his pilot, but [filming] it felt like our show because he’s coming to Starling City. That, to me, was one of the most rewarding things that I did as an actor because it was essentially the same crew that we used for our pilot, and it was two years later and it was the same director. It was like going back in time. [Flash and Arrow director] David Nutter asked me to be a part of the pilot and I will never say no to David Nutter.” 

Especially since both shows share the same creative team, it’d make sense to have more crossovers in the future. Amell feels the same way. “We’d be insane if we didn’t do crossover stuff. I don’t know that it has to be an event or big moments, but the shows share a universe, and not utilizing that fact would be insane. I’m sure that we will at some point.” Arrow and Flash also shared the screen in last night’s Flash promo, which doesn’t appear to have any actually footage from the pilot. It will be exciting to see more characters from Arrow appearing on The Flash and vice versa. Arrow begins its third season this fall, alongside the premiere of The Flash.

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