ARROW Star Stephen Amell Talks Season 3 Villains, New Superhero Suit, Harley Quinn, Joining JUSTICE LEAGUE And More

Appearing at Phoenix Comic-Con this weekend (thanks to ComicBook.com for the transcription), Arrow star Stephen Amell offered plenty of teases for the hit series’ third season. He starts out by discussing which characters he’d like to see on the show, reaffirming his interest in the heavily-referenced Ra’s al Ghul. “DC is a really good partner for us, and they’re giving us access to characters that they wouldn’t have even considered giving us in the first season and they wouldn’t have given us in the second season. But I think we’ve proven ourselves. I think we’ve proven that we can present a worthy version of characters that people care a lot about, and so I would imagine that there would be no shortages of DC characters coming.” He goes on to confirm that Season 3 will introduce a new “superhero suit” sooner than later. “I do know also that very early on in Season Three, we see a new superhero suit.” The most obvious choice would be the possibility of Roy officially becoming Arsenal, after wearing a mask in the Season 2 finale. There has also been speculation that the likes of Green Lantern and Nightwing will appear this season, but is clearly just that.

Amell then teases the inclusion of more enemies from Batman lore, in response to a question from a fan. “If you like some of the enemies Batman has fought, you’re really going to like Season Three.” Arrow has included many villains that the Caped Crusader has fought in the comics, including Deadshot, Clock King, Deathstroke, and the League of Assassins. Who could we see this time around? While big names such as Joker and Penguin are most likely off limits – especially due to Gotham airing this fall – smaller characters like Black Mask are a possibility.

One character fans hope to see more of is Harley Quinn. Joker’s infamous sidekick made a memorable cameo in the “Suicide Squad” episode of Season 2, played by Cassidy Alexa and voiced by Tara Strong. After reaffirming that it was indeed Quinn in that scene, Amell admits that her inclusion surprised even him. “I didn’t know about any of this, by the way, because I wasn’t in that scene. But I’m a fan and I remember seeing that preview and feeling like I should have known that this was going to happen!” He then says that he doesn’t know if she will return for Season 3, before revealing that she was supposed to have another cameo in the Season 2 finale. “I also know that there was an additional scene with that character in the finale — again, still in the cell, still with her back to us — but it had to be cut for time.” Especially since the Suicide Squad is expected to factor in again, it would be great to see Harley feature again.

Finally, Amell yet again discusses the possibility of his Arrow and Grant Gustin’s Flash being featured in Warner Bros.’ Justice League movie. He randomly states, “The guy that I train with at Tempest was actually just up there shooting Batman V Superman and he told me secrets,” before giving a direct answer. “You know what? I don’t know. I think the people that watched the Flash pilot that have seen it and saw the scene where Grant and I interact — and he’s not even in his costume — a lot of people were like, ‘that feels like the Justice League.’ And I thought it felt like the Justice League, too. I don’t know if we’ll eventually cross over into the movies but that being said, we don’t need to. The important part is that Arrow and The Flash are able to stand on their own and be appreciated for what they are and the medium that they are in. If they wanted me to be in the Justice League movie and it worked out, that would certainly be something that I would be interested in. That being said, my most important and crucial priority is making [Arrow] Season Three better than Season Two.” Amell then expressed interest in having his brother Robbie – star of The CW’s recently canceled The Tomorrow People – make a cameo as Bruce Wayne. But if there were to happen (and it likely won’t), it would be a very brief cameo and not including the Batsuit.

Arrow season three is set to premiere on The CW this fall. Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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