Dwayne Johnson Confirms Involvement With SHAZAM Movie – But Is He Playing Shazam Or Black Adam?

Dwayne Johnson has been teasing his role in a DC Entertainment film for several months, recently more or less confirming that he’s involved with the Shazam movie. And now, he reaffirms that he will be in the film, but who exactly will he play? Speaking with Mexican site La Nacion, The Rock reiterated his involvement with Shazam, but he’s undecided on whether he will play the titular superhero or the villainous Black Adam. “It’s the story of Shazam, but I can not say now if (my role) is Shazam [or] Black Adam. We’ve been developing for some time and have been a fan of anti-heroes. A this particular I think that we will make justice. I’m putting my heart and soul into this role.” This translation is from Google, so it doesn’t read 100% perfectly. However, Johnson’s comment on his love for anti-heroes, as well as the fact that Black Adam is one of his favorite characters, seem to suggest that he is leaning towards the role of Teth-Adams.

Johnson then reaffirms that an official announcement should be made soon. Warner Bros. recently announced a slew of release dates for several DC films, and Shazam is reportedly one of them. Johnson goes on to say that he’s unsure whether or not his character will appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but he seems to suggest that Shazam will indeed be set in the DC Cinematic Universe. “Now is happening with Superman and Batman. Aquaman and Wonder Woman come. I’m excited and I know fans are also excited. DC and Warner Bros. have great mythology that we will respect, we will create something very cool and good foundation.” Again, the lack of a proper translation makes it difficult to fully understand what Johnson is saying here, but it sounds like he’s confirmed that his character will indeed be a part of the Justice League movie universe. This goes against previous reports that said that Shazam was unconnected to the DC superhero ensemble.

Again, expect an official announcement to be made soon. Who do you think Dwayne Johnson should play?

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