New Character Details For SUPERGIRL Series As Casting Begins

As previously reported be Watchtower’s Paul Romano here, Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler are
developing a Supergirl series for
CBS.  Today, tvline.com reported that
casting is underway for the series leads.
First up is the title character Kara Zor-El aka Kara
Danvers; the casting call is looking for Caucasian females between the ages of
22 and 26 to play aged 24.  In the show,
Kara was sent from Krypton at age twelve. 
When she arrived on Earth, she was taken in by the Danvers family.  The Danvers taught her to be careful with her
powers and keep them secret. 
She represses her abilities for over a decade, Kara is
forced to use her abilities in public during some sort of catastrophe.  She enjoys the rush of using her powers and
being a hero and begins helping her city, earning the name Supergirl.
Also being cast is Kara’s foster sister, 26 year old
Alexandra Danvers or “Alex.” 
Alex is described as brilliant, gorgeous and scientifically gifted.  She grows up jealous of her younger sister’s
abilities but also fascinated by them. 
As a result, she studies and becomes an expert in “alien anthropology,
sociology and culture.”  She now
works for a secret government agency and helps Kara face both the challenges of
being Supergirl and everyday life as well.
The Danvers surname is almost certainly a nod to Kara’s
Earth-name in the comics, “Linda Danvers” though with a Carol
Danvers/Captain Marvel movie on the
way from Marvel Studios one might wonder if that name could change.  The casting announcements hint at some of
the things we could see on the show, Krypton for example.  Other questions remain, including the biggest
question does the world of Supergirl
have a place for Kara’s baby cousin turned Last Son of Krypton, Superman.
So, what do you think about our potential Maiden of Might?
Let us know, HERE.
Supergirl is in development
by Warner Brothers and CBS.

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