The FLASH Casts Pied Piper and Completes Firestorm

Fresh off the most watched series debut on the CW since the Vampire Diaries, the producers of the Flash have made two casting announcements
today.  Veteran actor, Victor Garber will
be playing Dr. Martin Stein while Smash’s
Andy Mientus will be playing Hartley Rathaway aka the Pied Piper.
Victor Garber is a long time actor and many will remember
him from his role in Titanic or the
ABC series Alias.  More recently, Garber played “Mr.
Crane” in Sleepy Hollow.  He will reprise the role on the Fox series
later this year.  He also had a role on Eli Stone, which allowed him to work
with future Flash executive producers
Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg.
Dr. Martin Stein is described by producers as a “brilliant but arrogant nuclear physicist
consumed with his work in transmutation. 
After the explosion of the STAR Labs particle accelerator he’s been
fused with the young and impulsive Ronnie Raymond (played by Tomorrow People alum Robbie Amell) and he
is desperate to find a way to separate them before it’s too late.  He will appear in the as-yet untitled episode
Twelve while Firestorm will appear in the third episode “Things You Can’t
Outrun.” (tvline.com)
Andy Mientus played the character Kyle Bishop on Smash
He also appeared twice on the Charlie Sheen comedy Anger Management as well as stint on the ABC Family series Chasing Life.  Currently, he can be seen in the Broadway
revival of Les Misérables.  As Rathaway he will play a brilliant protégé of
Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) the pair became estranged before the
explosion.  He has been robbed of his
hearing but designs sonic weapons in order to destroy both Wells and the Flash.  He is also scheduled to appear in episodes
eleven and twelve later this season.
The character is also of note for being one of the few
openly gay characters in DC; tvline.com has reported that producers have no
intention of shying away from this aspect of the character.  It might also be noted that in the New 52,
Rathaway is romantically involved with David Singh, Barry’s superior
officer.  The character appeared in the
pilot episode.
Excited for these developments? Let us know.
The Flash airs on
Tuesday nights on the CW

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