Producers Discuss STATIC SHOCK’s Journey into Live Action

It wasn’t too long ago that two of the founders of Milestone
Media, Denys Cowan and Derek Dingle got together with veteran film producer and
director, Reggie Hudlin to revive the company. 
As they planned to return to the comics world, they received a phone
call from Blue Ribbon Content.  Blue
Ribbon is the digital media arm of Warner Brothers, and they wanted to work
with the trio to make a live-action Static
series to be at the forefront of a line of digital first series. (Our Article)

Recently, Comic Book Resources spoke with Cowan and Hudlin
about the upcoming series.  The pair
expressed surprise at the call from Blue Ribbon, Hudlin said: “We’re working out our deal , pretty excited
about all this, and then, we get this random call from Blue Ribbon- the
division of Warner Bros. ‘Hey, we want to do a live-action Static. What do you
think?’ Uh, yeah! ‘But we want to do this deal super-quick. We want to announce
our division, we want this to be sort of the prime driver — we have a lot of
exciting properties, but this is the most exciting thing.’

Cowan continued, “We
took the meeting, and Sam Register was very excited about it, and quite
serious, and they made the announcement. Big picture of Static Shock. They used
Static Shock to announce Blue Ribbon, basically. That’s when we knew they were
very serious, because they could have picked anything. They could have picked
Flash, they could have picked Superman, but they didn’t do that.

Both men then described the show’s progress in glowing terms
and a sense of growing momentum.  Hudlin
also talked about the timeliness of Static’s live-action debut, saying the ten
and twelve year old kids who watched the cartoon or read the Milestone Comic
are now adults with children of their own and a level of trust in the character.

According to Cowan, much of Static’s appeal is the lightness
of the character, his ability to inspire and persevere.  When they created Static it was by grounding
him in an honest portrayal of characteristics they admired and the trials a
young man faces every day.

Lastly, Hudlin spoke about the challenges of doing a short-form
digital series: “Everything is
different. Doing short-form is important, and you have to make it work, so when
you sit down and click on it, and it may be the first one you click on, it
works as a standalone piece. At the same time, when you watch it, you’re going
to want to see more, for sure. My job is to hook you.

He also talked about the speed Digital First allows: “It’s just not so slow. I don’t know if all
that overthinking is making better product. Most pilots fail, right? I like the
idea of, “Let’s just go do it.” Sometimes you just have to go for it,
and that’s what makes thing happen. The attitude, the spirit of digital
production, I think is really helping us. You just got to make moves.

There is still no word of a premiere date but Watchtower of
Babel will keep you up to date on any and all news from the city of Dakota.

in Development by Blue Ribbon Content and DC Entertainment

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