LUCIFER Adds Female Lead and SUPERGIRL Begins Production

With their production team and director in place and most of
their cast announced, the highly-anticipated pilot for Supergirl is now officially in production.  Meanwhile, Deadline reported today that Lucifer has added Lina Esco to the cast
as “Maze.”

As hinted at by executive producer, Ali Adler last week Supergirl began production on the pilot
episode today.  The occasion was with a tweet
from producer, Andrew Kreisberg of the picture below:

It should be interesting to see if any other information
will come out in the next few days, much like the initial reveal of Grant
Gustin in costume was released the day before an outdoor shoot for The Flash pilot or Anne Hathaway as
Selina Kyle was released by Warner prior to shooting in Pittsburgh for The Dark Knight Rises.

In other DCTV News, Lucifer
has added Lina Esco to their cast today.  

In addition to working as an actress, Miss Esco is also a
writer, producer and director.  She made
her on screen debut in the 2007 film London,
which starred Jessica Biel, Chris Evens and Jason Statham.  Since then she’s had parts on television
shows like: CSI and CSI: New York, Drop Dead Diva and had a
recurring role on the series; Cane
with Jimmy Smits.  She had a part in the
2012 film, LOL with Miley Cyrus; she
has also acted in several independent pictures. 
Most recently, she produced, directed, starred and co-wrote the film Free the Nipple in 2014. (imdb)
Deadline describes her character, Maze, as a fierce demon
that takes the form of a young woman. 
She is also Lucifer’s best friend and possibly a romantic interest.  It is likely the character is based on
Mazikeen from the Gaiman run on Sandman.  Mazikeen is a Lilim, a race descended from
Lilith.  In addition to being an ally of
Lucifer, she is a feared warrior and leader of her people and at one point was
bestowed by Lucifer with his power and title of “The Lightbringer.”

Whether it’s the Maiden of Might or the Lord of Hell,
Watchtower of Babel will keep you up to date on developments.
Sources – Comicbook.com and Deadline

Supergirl is in
Production by Warner Brothers and CBS.
Lucifer is in
Development by Warner Television and Fox.

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