New Promo Trailer for THE FLASH Previews Mark Hamill's Return as TheTrickster

The Flash returns
a weeks from Tuesday night, where it will lead into iZombie and People Magazine has an extended preview for not just
next week’s episode but the two that follow. 
(Follow this LINK to the video at People.com or watch below:)

First up is a tease of next week’s show where Barry tangles
with a new “Weather Wizard” as dubbed by Cisco.  The weeks following that, Barry will takes on
Captain Cold, Heatwave and Cold’s sister. 
Then on March 31, Barry will face-off against a new Trickster and
possibly the original Trickster played by Mark Hamill.

The video is chocked full of clues to what we should
expect.  The new Weather Wizard
(presumably Cylde Mardon’s brother, Mark) seems to have a greater grasp on the
weather than the previous and Cisco is very excited to use a name he’s had
since “Week One.”  Lisa Snart
has some sort of gold gun (a nod to her comic persona, “The Golden Glider”)
and it looks like the three have been training together to take on Barry. 

For the Trickster episode, we not only have a partial reveal
of the new Trickster’s costume but a shot of Hamill as the Trickster (a nice
Easter Egg from the 90s series) we also get a hint of Hamill’s second most well-known character, the Joker in his performance.  It’s unclear just who Hamill’s Trickster is
helping, as he seems to be threatening Barry.

Lastly, the video promises that the last five minutes of
next week’s episode will “Change the course of history.”  It seems pretty clear at some point in the
next three weeks Barry will learn that Dr. Wells is his mother’s killer and will
begin to experiment with time travel. 
Though with six episodes remain beyond the Trickster episode that may be
something of a swerve.

Some viewers claim that there’s a tease of a new costume for
Barry but I was unable to tell either way. 
Still, the video is good enough to whet the appetite for next week and
after three weeks without new episodes that will have to do.

So, what did you think of the video? Are you “Prepared
to be AMAZED?” Let us know, HERE

Source- People

The Flash returns
to the CW Tuesday, March 10th at 8e and will be available streaming.

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