WONDER WOMAN: New Details on Former Director’s Vision and Steve Trevor Casting Process

Recently, it was revealed that the Wonder Woman movie – which recently hired a new director, Patty Jenkins – was looking to cast Steve Trevor as its male lead. However, it won’t be Scott Eastwood, whose role in Suicide Squad was rumored to be Diana Prince’s love interest. Some new info has now shed light on the casting process for Trevor.

According to Jeff Sneider on Meet the Movie Press, Eastwood did have a choice between playing Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman and having a “smaller” role in Suicide Squad. As we all know, he ended up choosing the latter. However, the actor did sign a three-picture deal for the DC Cinematic Universe, so his Suicide Squad appearance might set up a bigger role down the line.

As for who else could play Trevor, Sneider says that previous contenders included Liam Hemsworth and Alexander Skarsgard. However, that was back when Michelle MacLaren was directing Wonder Woman, and now that she has left and been replaced, expect a new shortlist of actors for the character to be made.

Speaking of MacLaren, Variety has more details on how her vision for Wonder Woman clashed with Warner Bros.’ According to the site, MacLaren wanted to tell an epic Braveheart-esque origin story. However, the studio thought that this was too big a task for MacLaren, whose prior credits consisted of television episodes. Instead, WB wants to tell a character driven story that was less heavy on action.

Additionally, Variety says that MacLaren was not used to the process of developing movies, citing a “torturous” pre-production process. After Jason Fuchs turned in his draft, up to five different writers were hired to pen different scripts. The studio also tested story concepts, including MacLaren’s, which it apparently disliked.

Finally, as expected, WB quickly hired a new director so that Wonder Woman will begin production this fall for a 2017 release, which was the initial plan. The studio can now resume the casting process for Steve Trevor, with test offers being sent out within the next week. Stay tuned for more as we have it.

Wonder Woman is set to hit theaters June 23rd, 2017. The fourth installment in the DC Cinematic Universe stars Gal Gadot. Patty Jenkins will direct from a script by Jason Fuchs.

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