Behind the Scenes Look at SUPERGIRL

On the heels of yesterday’s first look and official announcement, the producers of Supergirl
have given audiences a behind the scenes look and spoiler.tv has the video

The producers talk about the cultural importance of
Supergirl and her place in one of the most well-known mythologies in the
world.  As Zack Snyder was fond of saying
while promoting Man of Steel, the
Superman S-shield is the second most-recognized symbol in the world behind only
the Christian Cross.  The producers are
intent on giving audiences a good look at Supergirl’s place in that mythos.
One of the other things on display is the effects process
for the show.  There are a lot of
practical effects; wire-work, pyro and the like, there’s also some green screen
and hints that they will use a digital cape, much like Man of Steel
The video definitely hints at the level of production that
has gone into the pilot and while it remains to be seen if that high level will
be maintained week to week it is definitely a positive sign.
There’s a long way to go until November, and seeing the
amount of care being put into the series, the wait is starting to feel a little
bit longer.
Supergirl airs
Monday Nights at 8E/7C on CBS starting in November.

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