PREACHER Adds Two Recurring Characters to Cast

The cast and crew of Preacher
are moving forward with their pilot for AMC, with a script from Seth Rogen
and Evan Goldberg and starring Dominic Cooper. 
With actors and actresses like Ruth Negga and Joseph Gilgun joining
cooper, the cast is pretty strong, but the rich just get richer.  Derek Wilson and Jamie Ann Allman will be
joining the cast in recurring roles.
Kansas native Jamie Ann Allman is no stranger to television
drama, cutting her teeth in series like The
and NYPD Blue.  She’s also had roles in films like The Notebook and Any Day Now.  More recently,
she had a recurring role on the television series, The Killing as “Terry Marek.”  Allman will be playing a battered housewife that
comes to the attention of Dominic Cooper’s Jesse Custer by the name of
“Betsy Schneck.”  (imdb)
Playing Betsy’s husband, Donny is Derek Wilson.  Wilson was born in Bowling Green,
Kentucky.  He studied acting at Western
Kentucky University before moving to New York City to pursue acting as a
career.  After working on stage, Wilson
broke into television in 2008 with a role on an internet comedy series called In the Now.  He’s had a handful of roles on shows like The Good Wife and Rectify also the micro-budget movie Wet Behind the Ears.  He is currently filming The Last Girl with director Brian
Gottlieb.  (imdb 2)
Source – Deadline

Preacher is in
development at Warner TV, Sony and AMC.

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