Robbie Amell Talks THE FLASH Finale, Return for Season Two and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Absence

Ahead of the season finale for The Flash tonight. actor Robbie Amell spoke with Comic Book Resources about his role as Ronnie Raymond, aka one-half of Firestorm. He discussed filming the epic penultimate episode, which saw Firestorm teaming up with Flash and Oliver Queen to battle the Reverse-Flash. Amell was disappointed by the fact that paparazzi photos of the scene being shot on set were leaked online. However, he was still thrilled by the experience. “It definitely felt huge. Flash is such an unbelievable show, and Arrow is so special. Arrow is the Iron Man. It started everything and to be a part of both of those, it felt like our mini-Avengers. Our mini-Justice League. I think we were a few team members short.”

Amell goes on to say that tonight’s finale puts a lot of focus on Ronnie and Caitlin’s relationship – it looks like a wedding is on the way – but warns, “…all I can tell you is, not everyone walks away from the finale. I was reading the script on the airplane, and I started to get teared-up. There are some really great father/son moments with Barry and Joe [Jesse L. Martin], and Barry and his real father. This is really Grant’s episode, and he carries it so unbelievably well.” He adds that he does not take on the form of Firestorm in this episode, and he reaffirms that Barry’s travelling through time will leave consequences for everyone.

Fear not, however. Amell confirmed that he will be back for The Flash‘s second season. As for why he is absent (as far as we know) from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – a series which will feature Martin Stein – Amell says, “You think more would be explained in the finale, but it’s not. I can’t tell you anything about Legends of Tomorrow other than it’s going to be incredible.” Amell concludes by saying that among his action movie goals are to play a DC or Marvel superhero in a film someday.

For the rest of CBR’s interview with Amell, click the link above.

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