DEBUNKED: The CW Developing a HAWKGIRL Spin-Off Series

UPDATE: Both The CW and Ciara Renée have denied that a Hawkgirl show is in the works. The original story follows.

The success of Arrow has greatly expanded The CW’s take on the DC Universe. The network has since produced The Flash to even greater success, while a third series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, premiering next year. Additionally, an animated spin-off, Vixen, will premiere on The CW Seed later this year. While the shows’ crew is clearly busy, it looks like yet another show will be added to the slate.

According to SpoilerTV, The CW is in the “very early stages” of developing a Hawkgirl series. The show would star Ciara Renée, who plays Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. She also briefly appeared in the season finale of The Flash. It is unclear if the spin-off will be set before or after that show. SpoilerTV says that if Hawkgirl moves forward, it will likely bypass the pilot order and go straight to series, which is what Legends of Tomorrow is doing.

Giving Hawkgirl her own series is an unexpected, but exciting idea. It would theoretically explore the Thanagarian mythos in greater detail than any of The CW’s other shows, while the possibility of more female-led comic book shows is always good. Additionally, considering that we have yet to see Renée’s performance on Legends of Tomorrow, the network already considering giving her her own show is surely a sign of faith and confidence.

We suggested the idea of a Hawkman spin-off series just last month, and now, we’re apparently getting Hawkgirl instead. Fine by me. Besides, Hawkman would most likely pop up in the latter.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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