Warner Bros. TV Shows Off SDCC Swag and Announces IZOMBIE Blu-Ray Release Date

One of most fans’ favorite things about San Diego Comic Con
is the SWAG (as in free Stuff We All Get) that studios and Comic companies
offer.  With the large DC Presence that
most people expect from Warner Television and Film, DC-Related stuff is all but
Make that confirmed.
Behold, gift bags from Warner Television featuring all your
favorite DC shows and hopeful new favorites:
(See the rest below)
As you can see; Gotham,
and Arrow are all featured
as well as Supergirl and Lucifer.  Interestingly, so is the Vixen animated series.
iZombie may be
missing from the tote bag roster but for fans of the series there’s a more
important bit of news today.  KSiteTV
reported today that season one of the series will hit DVD (and presumably
Blu-ray) on September 29th. 
The set will feature all thirteen episodes as well as last year’s SDCC
panel and selected deleted scenes.
Source- SDCC Story: Comicbook.com/ iZombie story: KSiteTV

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