Lucy Lane Coming to SUPERGIRL

Yesterday, we reported that the producers of Supergirl were expanding her universe
to include other powered heroes.  Today we
have a possible candidate.  TVLine is
reporting today that Lucy Lane will be introduced in episode three.
Lucy Lane is the younger sister of world-famous reporter,
Lois Lane.  Lucy was introduced in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen issue
thirty-six in 1959.  At the time, she was
an airline stewardess with an on-again/off-again romance with Jimmy.  In 1986, she was reintroduced in John Bryne’s
Man of Steel issue five as an air
traffic controller.  After a romance with
Jimmy Olsen before eventually dating and marrying another Daily Planet employee
named Ron Troupe.
She returned in 2008, during the New Krypton storyline and
eventually took up the mantle of Superwoman briefly before she was killed by
Supergirl.  Her description for the show
is: “In her mid-20s to early 30s,
Lucy is described as; as brash, funny and beautiful as her sister Lois, yet
strong, smart and successful in her own right.
The character has been seen in live-action before on both Lois and Clark and Smallville (Interestingly enough, the actress that played Lucy Lane
was The Flash’s Peyton List aka
Golden Glider)   She was also in the 1984
Supergirl film.
The article speculates that she might be brought in for the
Superwoman storyline though they feel it is more likely that she is being
brought in as a romantic rival for Kara since she has a long romantic history
with Jimmy Olsen in comics and other media. 
This is possible but it should be pointed out that the last time Lucy
was seen was the Superman: Lois Lane
one-shot (a very good book that I’ll leave a comixology link for HERE) where
she was portrayed as a lesbian.
With filming for season one of Supergirl starting this week, we should have casting news soon and
when we do, Watchtower of Babel News will have you covered.
Source- TVLine

Supergirl airs
Monday Nights at 8E on CBS starting October 26th, 2015.

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