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BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Takes Us Back to 1989

Dax Ginn is back on the world’s most comfortable couch in the latest episode of Batman Arkham Insider. In this episode, Dax and some of the Rocksteady staff show off the ‘1989 Movie Batmobile Pack’. This latest DLC let’s players use the 1989 movie Batmobile and Michael Keaton batsuit on racetracks designed to look like iconic scenes from ‘Batman’ and ‘Batman Returns’. They also give us our first look Robin in his AR Challenge titled: Teen Titan.  
With this news of the 1989 Pack being available in the main campaign – Rocksteady director Sefton Hill turned to Twitter to give fans the answer. 
The 1989 Batmobile Movie Pack and Teen Titan AR challenge releases this Tuesday for Season Pass owners (Next Tuesday for everyone else). This is the final DLC for the month of August. Rocksteady will release new DLC every month until December. With that said, stay tuned for more news as we have it. 
Batman: Arkham Knight is available for Xbox One and PS4.
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