First Look at Michael Chiklis in GOTHAM

As we inch closer to the Fall TV season, the news coming out
is getting more substantial, as are the treats and peaks the public is
offered.  As part of Entertainment Weekly’s
#50Scoops50Days campaign, the producers of Gotham
have offered us our first look as Michael Chiklis as “Nathanial Barnes.”
Take a look:

As you can see, Chiklis commands attention and respect in
his role and Barnes.  Included in the EW
article was a more detailed description of the character.  Barnes is a “law and order zealot who lands on the GCPD like a tornado, ripping
out the dead wood of Gotham’s police force.
”  Chiklis is listed as a series regular and he
will introduced in episode for, entitled “Strike Force.”  And while I’m old enough that Strike Force
makes me think THIS, the episode title is actually a nod to the team Chiklis’
character in The Shield led.
According to imdb, “Strike Force” air October 12th.
Gotham airs
Mondays on Fox and is available for streaming.

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