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New Features and DLC come to BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT

It has been a little over a month since Batman: Arkham Knight‘s release. The game is going strong (on consoles anyway) as Rocksteady just released an update with a new feature called “Photo Mode”. This allows players’ to take a screenshot of The Dark Knight in action. At any moment you can take a photo  of Batman gliding, driving, fighting etc. This is very useful considering that you can link your Twitter and Instagram to your console. Here are a few photos I have already taken (I also took the image above).

Now that we are in August – WB will release a new batch of  DLC this month. This month PS4 and Xbox One users will receive the Batman Beyond and Dark Knight Returns skins. These two skins were timed PC exclusive pre-order bonuses. All pre-order bonuses will be available by September.
The Bat-Family skin pack will be available later this month. Featuring 1970’s Batman, Iconic Grey and Black Batman, Arkham Origins’ Dark Knight Batman, 1990’s Catwoman, Arkham City Nightwing, and One Year Later Robin. 
Note: @BIGstevecw points out that the Grey and Black skin is in fact the suit worn by Dick Grayson – aka Nightwing during his time as Batman.

The last DLC item for August is the Movie Batmobile pack. This is the Michael Keaton Batsuit along with the iconic Batmobile. It’s comes with race tracks in the setting of Batman Returns.
Lastly we have a glimpse at what will be released in September. Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #1 doesn’t have a description at the moment, but I can only assume it’s the original challenge maps from Batman: Arkham City. In which you can select any member of the Bat-Family and fight in combat and predator challenges.  
With more DLC coming and (hopefully) the PC issues being resolved – stay tuned for more news as we have it.
Batman: Arkham Knight is available now on PS4 and Xbox One 
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