Can You Dig It? First Look at Diggle’s New “Costume” in ARROW Season 4 Promo Image

After a few teases at the end of season three, it was confirmed at Comic-Con that John Diggle will be getting his own costume in season four of Arrow. Some concept art was shown at the panel, which saw the character wearing an interesting looking helmet. And now, The CW has released a new promo image, giving us our first look at Diggle suited up. And it looks…bizarre, to say the least.

This may be an example of mediocre Photoshop, but – in my opinion – Diggle’s face looks very awkward inside a goofy looking helmet. And that helmet looks an awful lot like the one worn by X-Men’s Magneto. Sure, it may look better in actual footage, but for now, not a very good first impression.

Also, in the Arrow season three finale, it was suggested that Diggle would use some identity concealment for the future. But this helmet still allows us to get a good look at his face, which defeats the whole purpose of the helmet. Of course, however, the helmet may also have a face shield – as shown in the concept art – that this image isn’t showing.

Check out the image below, and stay tuned for more news as we have it. Arrow returns to The CW on October 7th.

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