THE FLASH Season One: What Have We Learned? (Part Two)

Okay… When we left off in Part One, Barry had received his powers and
the mystery of “Who is the man in the Yellow suit?” had only begun to be
established.  Here’s part two of our “What
have we learned?” Review Flash of Season
Is Wells trying to stop whatever caused the Red
Skies in 2024? Or is he trying to make sure Barry survives them?
Answered: Neither.  Eobard’s plan had nothing to do with the red
skies other than that was the day he traveled back to the past to kill Barry as
a boy.
How fast was Barry going at the end of the
episode if he could outrun Farooq’s blast?
Still unsure.
When I paused to write some of this review I
noticed one of the stories on the future newspaper and it begs this question:
How on Earth is there a Wooly Mammoth at the Central City zoo?
No answer at present.
Is he (Barry) doing this (thinking at super
speed) consciously or has he noticed yet?
Answered: If he hadn’t noticed yet, by the
end of the season he does.
Has Ronnie been conscious for ten months and not
told Caitlin?
Answered: Yes and no.  At this point, Dr. Stein is in control of
Ronnie’s body as their fusion was imperfect.
THE EMOTIONAL SPECTRUM?! Are you kidding me?!
Where’s Hal?
Answered: Still Missing.
What is the nature of Wells’ relationship with
Reverse Flash?
Answered: Wells was Eobard Thawne in
How long until Barry telling Iris he loves her
nukes her relationship with Eddie and how bad will the fallout be?
Answered: Quite a while and pretty
substantial since Eddie goes into a bit of an emotional crisis.
Is Max Mercury associated with Mercury Labs?
No answer at present.
Who was the other Speedster in Barry’s home the
night he was murdered?
Answered: Barry, but it got even more
complicated than that.
What did Reverse Flash and/or Dr. Wells need
with the device from Mercury Labs?
Answered: He was harnessing the Speed Force
to regain his powers.
Why is Wells protective of Barry?
Answered: He needed Barry to punch through
the time barrier.
Is Eddie still curious as to why Cold would go
after Caitlin and might this lead to him finding out that Barry is The Flash?
Answered: No, but he learns soon enough
Is it safe to assume that Barry is down to one
suit now?
Answered: Yes but it seems Cisco makes more.
What does Joe suspect Wells is involved in that
has him investigating Wells?
Answered: Joe suspected Wells of working
with the Reverse Flash in Nora Allen’s murder.
Have Barry and the Team graduated to holding all
the criminals they capture in the Pipeline or is Hartley a special case?
Answered: Hartley seemed to be a special
What is the “Endgame” Wells is
preparing for?
Answered: Using Barry to travel back to the
How far is too far when it comes to the
treatment of the prisoners in The Pipeline?
This was never answered but it seems that
Joe at the least was opposed to the prison.
What’s Hartley’s next move and will he try to
hook up with Cold and Heatwave?
No answer at present.
What has happened to Grodd?
Answered: At this point, Grodd was starting
to attack people in the sewers.
As the saying goes, “Business is about to pick up.”  The show has found its grove and now that we know Wells is the Reverse Flash and has an “Endgame” the season
long arcs are starting to come to the forefront.  Next week, we’ll deal with Firestorm, time
travel and the return of the Trickster.

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