FEATURE: Ten More DC Team-Up Movies That Should Be Made

A trend that is starting in the comic book movie genre is the growing number of team-up movies. Marvel Studios is putting many other superheroes in Captain America: Civil War, Hulk will feature in Thor: Ragnarok, and Ant-Man and the Wasp was recently announced. This is all in addition to the main Avengers movie series. Meanwhile, Fox is expanding the X-Men universe with films starring the New Mutants and X-Force, while Cable is expected to appear in a potential Deadpool sequel.

Then, of course, we have the DC Extended Universe. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad will formally kick things off next year, while Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are rumored to be teaming up in their own movie. And Warner Bros. is making movies starring the Justice League, Justice League Dark, and the Green Lantern Corps.

But, there is potential for many other DC team-up movies as the DCEU expand. Below, I’ve compiled a list of ten team-up movies starring DC characters that I would love to see.

Superman and Captain Marvel Shazam have teamed up and even clashed frequently in both comics and animation. The relationship between the two heroes has been interesting, and it would be wonderful to see that dynamic play out in a team-up film. A Shazam movie is scheduled to be released in 2019, and a great idea for a possible sequel is for Billy Batson to meet Superman. 
Plus, how awesome would it be to see Henry Cavill’s Superman battle Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam – in addition to Shazam himself? Shazam may not join the Justice League anytime soon, but having him partner with the Man of Steel in a non-Justice League movie would be an exciting, alternative way to bring him into the wider DC Extended Universe.

Batman/Green Arrow
One superhero pairing I have always found interesting was Batman and Green Arrow. The two heroes have always had similarities; Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen are both rich, handsome guys who are tech and gadget-based vigilantes. In fact, when Green Arrow was first created in 1941, he was essentially a Batman rip-off. The Batman similarities in The CW’s Arrow show have also led to similar accusations.
However, what if Batman and Green Arrow were to meet in the DCEU? I would love to see the two team up in a non-Justice League film. Maybe Oliver Queen can appear in one of Ben Affleck’s Batman movies, as they join forces to fight Deathstroke or Ra’s al Ghul or someone. Seeing the two heroes being compared and contrasted in their own team-up film would be fascinating, and a great way to implement Green Arrow into the DCEU.

The Flash/Green Lantern

This was a movie rumored to be a part of Warner Bros.’ DC movie slate last year. It was later confirmed that Flash and Green Lantern would instead headline their own movies in 2018 and 2020, respectively. However, this crossover is still an idea worth exploring in the future.

The relationship between Green Lantern and Flash is a fan favorite one, and exploring it in a buddy cop-type film could be compelling to see, especially if it stars Hal Jordan and Barry Allen. After the solo franchises and Justice League firmly establish the two heroes, this movie would be wonderful to see.

Green Arrow/Black Canary
Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance is a classic romantic pairing in comics. Fans have been hoping that this relationship would be explored in the DCEU, especially after Arrow has been focusing on the Oliver/Felicity Smoak pairing for the past two seasons. If Green Arrow were to ever appear in the DCEU, then Black Canary should obviously follow suit.
Canary is too crucial a part of the Green Arrow mythos to leave out, at least for very long. Have her be a supporting character in a Green Arrow movie, leading to her essentially co-headlining a movie with the Emerald Archer. This would be similar to what Marvel is doing now with Ant-Man and The Wasp. Overall, the Green Arrow/Black Canary relationship is such an important relationship, it would be disappointing to not see it done right on the big screen.

Wonder Woman/Aquaman

Both Wonder Woman and Aquaman are set to be apart of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. In addition, the two will headline their own solo films in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Down the road, however, it would be cool to see Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince co-headline a movie with Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry.

Both characters have rich mythologies that could work wonders if they crossed paths. Perhaps such a movie could take inspiration from the “Flashpoint” story arc and have Atlantis at war with Themiscyra. That could make for an engaging versus film; that is, if Wonder Woman and Aquaman had a good reason to go to war after teaming up in Justice League.

Harley Quinn/Deadshot
Deadshot and Harley Quinn have been frequent partners as members of Task Force X, and this will carry over into next year’s Suicide Squad movie. Assuming that the movie is a success, a sequel will likely be produced. However, an alternative way to continue the stories of these characters is to pair Floyd Lawton (Will Smith) and Harleen Quinzel (Margot Robbie) in their own team-up movie.
Such a film would feature Harley and Deadshot on an adventure outside of the Suicide Squad. Maybe they wind up in Gotham City and take on the Batman? Or perhaps they visit Star City and battle Green Arrow? There’s plenty of potential for a great team-up here, especially with Smith and Robbie’s acclaimed chemistry in Focus. That chemistry will likely carry over to Suicide Squad, and it’s one that can hold its own spin-off movie.
Cyborg/Metal Men

One partnership that was introduced in DC’s New 52 was Cyborg and the Metal Men. Post “Trinity War,” most of the Justice League banished from the world, leading Cyborg to seek new allies to battle the Crime Syndicate. Along the way, he meets Dr. Will Magnus and his creations, the Metal Men.

Seeing the two team up in the DCEU would be great. Cyborg will headline his own movie in 2020, while a Metal Men was previously in development. Assuming that WB still wants to bring the Metal Men to the big screen, it can be done in the Cyborg movie or even a sequel. Or, Cyborg can appear in the Metal Men movie. Either way, this is a very interesting pairing, and it would be nice to see it explored on the big screen.

Another iconic romantic pairing in DC Comics is that of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Both originate from the planet Thanagar, and they are frequently depicted as members of the Justice League. It would be fascinating to see the characters’ mythos explored in a feature film, as there is plenty of big screen potential for them.
Instead of having Hawkman headline his own movie, have Hawkgirl co-headline. Like Black Canary, Hawkgirl is a great female superhero who should be utilized in the DCEU. And having a full movie revolve around her relationship with Hawkman would be very interesting.

Green Lantern/Green Arrow
We can’t forget this one, can we? One of the most classic superhero team-ups in DC Comics history is that of Green Lantern and Green Arrow. The two headlined a comic book series written by Dennis O’Neil in the 1970s, and it focused on their opposing political and social views. It was an acclaimed series, making the pairing an obvious selection for this list.
It would be great to see Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen’s friendship get a spotlight in the DCEU. It would expand Green Arrow’s role in the greater DCEU, while it would also present Green Lantern in a new context. A team-up movie starring these two emerald heroes would be unique, engaging and simply outstanding, if done right.

Justice League/Justice League Dark
Finally, we have a team-up film with not just two heroes, but two different teams. While the Justice League is obviously a crucial part of the DCEU, Warner Bros. is also developing a Justice League Dark movie. The film’s characters are expected to eventually cross over into the mainstream DCEU. So, how about a Justice League vs. Justice League Dark film?
The two teams came into contact in the “Trinity War” comic book arc, where they – along with the Justice League of America – clash while attempting to solve the mystery of Pandora’s box. A similar plot for a feature film would be amazing, making it the ultimate DCEU crossover film. Until a Crisis on Infinite Earths movie is made…
But still, seeing the Justice League and the Justice League Dark meet would be very exciting. Contrasting their power sets, and having the teams fight before uniting to face a common threat, would be too cool. Fingers crossed that such a movie will happen down the line in the DC Extended Universe.
Which team-up movie would you like to see next in the DC Extended Universe?

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