Rumor: WONDER WOMAN Plot Details and Villain’s Motivation Revealed?

With ‘Wonder Woman set to begin shooting this month we have had many rumors around the project. The latest being about the villain’s main goal in the film. As always take this with a grain of salt because nothing has been confirmed.
[Warning this contains possible SPOILERS for Wonder Woman]
We have heard reports that Ares and Circe are the villains in the film, but now we have new details on their motivations. According to Heroic Hollywood, Ares will be the main antagonist using Circe as a pawn i his overall scheme. Ares has stolen an ancient blade from the Amazons that will make him more powerful than all of the other gods. Ares wants to take over Olympus and be a God among gods, and he is willing to start World War III to do so. The only problem is that the sword is locked and to activate it Ares (the god of war) wants to start the next World War. In the final act of ‘Wonder Woman Ares and Wonder Woman battle, but the sword is lost.This is the main reason Wonder Woman is present in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, she is still after this dangerous weapon.

With Wonder Woman rumored to take place before Batman v Superman, this new rumor does line up with those reports. Wonder Woman having to stop Ares and Circe from starting World War III sounds incredible, Stay tuned as more Wonder Woman news is revealed.

Wonder Woman is set to hit theaters  June 23rd, 2017.
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