FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 2×08 – “Legends of Today”

The Flash
(2×08) –
“Legends of Today”
Written by: Aaron & Todd
Directed by: Ralph Hemecker
As the turkey coma wears off, we get back to
things.  Barry is running to try and muster
more speed.  But it doesn’t seem to be
working, he can’t seem to come anywhere near what Zoom can do.  Wells has an idea to solve that.
That night a freighter captain turns over a
stowaway to the port authority.  The man
quickly turns out to be a knife wielding badass with the power of magic.  And he seems to be looking for our Hawkgirl.
The next morning, Barry, Joe and my one and only:
Are discussing Barry’s findings on the attack as
it seem the make used some type of flint knife. 
After Joe asks them to look into any place that would sale such a blade and
Joe gives Barry and Patty some friendly teasing about them trying to remain
professional while dating the three part ways.
That night at Jitters, Kendra and Cisco are about
to sit down to a romantic dinner but are interrupted by our new friend.  We get to learn more about his, like he
speaks dead languages and knows Kendra. 
Cisco calls Barry and he arrives just in time to make the save and as a
bonus Cisco outs him in front of Kendra. 
This is where our episode starts in earnest.  The full team plus Kendra meet up at STAR
Labs and discuss Kendra’s attacker and Barry points out that they might be out
of their depth and suggests calling in Oliver and Team Arrow.  While Cisco thinks Barry’s acting gun-shy
because of Zoom, Barry says that it’s because the guy comes off a little more
mystical and they haven’t dealt with that while Oliver has. 
Speaking of Oliver, he’s trying to keep Damien
Darhk from getting his hands on an ARGUS chemical weapons cache.  Oliver, Thea and Diggle get the jump on them
but after dispatching his minions, Darhk does his “Your soul is mine!”
routine on Oliver but Barry gets the team out of harm’s way.
Oliver shows off his new lair and Felicity catches
up with Barry as only she can.  After
some show-comparing banter Barry catches Oliver and Company up on Kendra’s
attacker including a high-speed drawing of his face.  They use facial recognition on the drawing
and it matches up with a picture from 1975. 
Things start getting tense because Oliver doesn’t appreciate Barry
dropping a situation on him without actually knowing what the situation is
first.  Felicity steps in and suggests
they go back to her place and decompress for a while.
Back in Central City, Caitlin and Wells have
stayed behind to work on Barry’s speed issues. 
Back on Earth-2, Wells had been trying to develop a drug to help Jay get
more speed but because he’s primarily a mechanical engineer and not a
bio-chemist he’s stumped.  Fortunately,
Caitlin is a bio-chemist and she believes she has some ideas on how they can
Back at Felicity’s we get some more crossover
catch-up for the characters before Kendra’s attack shows up and shows that he’s
already scouted Barry’s speed and figured out a way to outmaneuver him.  Barry, Oliver and Thea manage to fight him to
a stalemate.
Back at the Arrow lair, they’re reaching out to
anyone for information when Barry urges Cisco to use his powers on Kendra,
however the lights go out and when they come back on Malcolm Merlyn is on the
scene.  He knows the man; Vandal
Savage.  He explains that Savage is an
immortal and will not stop until Kendra’s dead.
Back at STAR Labs, Caitlin and Wells have come up
with their drug; Velocity Six.  Jay
arrives and pitches a fit before he storms out.  Then Wells leaves to get supplies, unfortunately
for him he crosses paths with Patty.
Cisco chases after Kendra and tries to talk to her
about the turmoil her life is filling up with. 
They have a nice little moment before she’s abducted by a Hawk Man.  Barry heads out to find them and the Hawk Man
identifies himself as Khufu.  Flash and
the Arrow take on Hawkman and Barry manages to overpower him.
Back at STAR Labs, Wells has a sample of Velocity
Six ready to go and while he and Caitlin debate the things Jay said Patty shows
up and Wells manages to get himself shot by being an idiot.
At the Arrow lair, Khufu explains that he, Kendra
and Savage have been battling each other for centuries with Savage killing them
constantly and them reincarnating. 
Merlyn shows up and tells them his sources say that Savage has left Star
City for Central City in search of the Staff of Horus.
Khufu, or Carter Hall as he is known today takes
Kendra up to the roof to try something to help her embrace her abilities; throwing
her off the roof.  Barry catches her but
Oliver doesn’t think that was the right course of action.  Barry and Oliver decide to go after Savage
themselves to keep him from getting the staff.
At STAR Labs, Caitlin is trying to save Wells but
their only chance is for Jay to use the Velocity Six and phase the bullet out
using his speed.  The drug works and Jay
digs the bullet out.
Cisco and Kendra are on the roof again and she decides
that Carter had the right idea and she takes a rather literal flying leap off
the roof and she manages to fly.  At the
same time, Oliver and Barry arrive at a Central City church but they’re too
late.  Savage has the staff and after he
feels Kendra’s powers awaken he escapes but not without kicking their asses for
the trouble. 
Wells wakes up and he and Garrick have another
tense standoff where Jay warns Wells not to give Barry Velocity Six.  Oliver asks for Diggle and Felicity to bring
the rest of the gang to Central City to fight Savage before they head out for a
cup of coffee.  In line at Jitters,
Oliver is run into by a boy with a Flash action figure.  Oliver retrieves the toy for the boy and
sends him on his way to his mother. 
The young woman he got pregnant before he was
Back from a mini-break for Thanksgiving, the Flash
comes at us with two episodes.  And it’s a
crossover.  No, not with Arrow
Not even with Legends of Tomorrow.  This was a crossover between the Flash and a
show called “Boy do we have a lot of characters!”
When it was Caitlin, Wells, Jay and Patty dealing
with the Flash plotlines things were fine but things got very complicated
whenever they would shift back to the crossover plots. 
They make another Game of Thrones reference this week and quite frankly there aren’t
as many characters touched on in a single episode of that program as there are
here; All of Team Flash including Patty, Wells and Jay, nearly all of Team
Arrow, Damien Darhk, Malcom Merlyn, Oliver’s long lost baby mama, Hawkman,
Hawkgirl and Vandal Savage.  It was
frankly tough to keep up.
I won’t even mention the Age of Ultron comparisons
beyond this but this episode was just plain crowded.
Of course that means we do have to deal with the
Elephant in the room.  Patty shooting
Wells, I’ve seen a lot of people throw out terms like “Police
Brutality” so let me give a nickel’s worth of free advice.  When you have a strange looking metal device
in your hand and a cop draws their gun and tells you not to move, the last
thing you should do is.  STEP. TOWARDS.
End of lesson.
I was less than impressed by last year’s crossover
episodes.  I felt that Flash vs Arrow was
a little forced and sacrificed plot in favor of spectacle and All-Star Team Up
was the worst episode of the series thus far. 
This was just crowded, and while they managed to resolve a lot the next
night on Arrow, since I am judging this solely as an episode of The Flash  I’m going to say I would’ve been much happier
without the crossover.
Three Things We
Learned This Week:
Wells has developed a drug capable of enhancing
Barry’s Speed.
Patty is now aware of Wells and knows that he is
linked with Joe and likely Barry.
Oliver is now aware of his child.
Three Questions:
What will Patty do with her knowledge?
How will Velocity Six affect Jay?
Will Barry use Velocity Six?

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