DC Movie News Bits: New BATMAN V SUPERMAN Promo Art, Ben Affleck “Inspired” by Zack Snyder, More From Chris Pine on WONDER WOMAN

For a while now, Ben Affleck has been reportedly planning to direct the next Batman solo film. He said last year that his playing Batman would give him an idea on how to make a superhero movie, while he also said that he would love to helm a Batman movie – if he has the time and the right idea.

Now, this topic has come up in yet another interview. Speaking with USA Today, Affleck is asked about possibly telling his own story in the DC Extended Universe, as well as whether that was a reason for him to play Batman. He simply states that he was “inspired” by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder, saying, “I’ll just say going through the process, I would never have imagined that I could or would direct a movie like this. And in working with (Zack Snyder) and seeing what he did and watching him every day, I got really inspired by that and by seeing the scope on which he was telling the story, by seeing what he was able to do with this kind of mythic story on a grand scale.”

Hopefully, we’ll receive confirmation of Affleck directing the next Batman movie sometime this year.

Next, we have another interview with Chris Pine, who talks about next year’s Wonder Woman. Speaking with E! Online, Pine says that the movie has a “great” story, and he offers nothing but praise for actress Gal Gadot. “Gal Gadot…is beautiful, so talented, strong and the story is really one I think that needs to be out there. The simple fact of the matter is it’s about a woman who’s so strong with such physical ability that she could kick such ass but really at the end of the day leads with an incredible amount of compassion and love and hope for humanity and I think we need a lot of that right now.”

There has been speculation and wishes from fans that Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman in the 1970s television show, would make some sort of appearance in the movie. When asked about this, Pine simply says, “If I could tell you that I wouldn’t, but I can’t.” So, maybe?

Wonder Woman is set to hit theaters on June 23rd, 2017.

Finally, we have some new promo art for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The above image features an awesome – albeit with iffy Photoshop – look at the two heroes fighting. The image reenacts this recognizable artwork from the comics by Jim Lee.

This and other promo art is featured on concession stand items, such as popcorn bags, that can be purchased at movie theaters. You can click here to check out a full gallery of those products.

Batman v Superman hits theaters on March 25th.

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