Doug Liman Discusses “Unconventional” Approach to His JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Movie

A couple months ago, it was revealed that Doug Liman will direct Warner Bros.’ Justice League Dark movie, currently titled Dark Universe. The film is an ensemble starring DC’s biggest magical heroes, such as Zatanna and John Constantine. Michael Gilio is writing the script.

Now, Liman has discusses his involvement with the movie for the first time. In an interview with IGN, the filmmaker comments on his interest in Dark Universe, and he reveals that his take on the project is an “unconventional” one. “I mean first of all, I love those characters, and I love Warner Bros., and I love [producer] Scott Rudin, and it’s — and you know, I get asked to come in and do things that are ‘unconventional.’ If people want conventional, they don’t come to me… And so you know when Warner Bros. wants to sort of turn the comic book genre on its head, they call me.”

Liman then explains his goal for Dark Universe, which is to “fundamentally reinvent” what it means to be a comic book movie. The director goes on to discuss his rules as a filmmaker, as well as his own distinct approach to movies. The same applies to Dark Universe and the superhero genre.  “…you know, I haven’t done a comic book film, and that’s — am I going to do it in a new way that’s unlike what anyone else has ever done, and come up with a couple of rules for myself of what we’re not going to do that other people do.”

For IGN’s full interview with Liman, where he comments on Edge of Tomorrow 2 and his WIJ (“Woman in Jeopardy”) rule, click HERE.

A release date or production start date for Dark Universe have yet to be confirmed. Cast members are also TBA. Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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