Recap: SUPERGIRL S2 E1 “The Adventures of Supergirl”

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Warning: this review contains spoilers.

Supergirl is back! After a long summer it’s nice to sit back and enjoy some DCTV. This episode picks up where the season finale left off. Team Supergirl is celebrating their victory, but it’s abruptly halted as a ship (very similar to Kara’s) crashes in National City. The ship is carrying a kryptonian or at the very least another alien. Kara and J’onn take the alien back to the DEO where it’s being tested. The DEO has a new facility that we’re all going to pretend existed the whole time – thanks CW!

Later on Kara and James are going on their first date, but Kara seems like she’s having second thoughts. This is a weird change because that’s what she wanted for most of last season. The entire James/Kara relationship needs to be resolved. The drama takes up too much time, and it’s the least interesting part of the series. Sadly, it probably won’t change; just look at Barry and Iris, or Oliver and Felicity for examples.
During James’ and Kara’s date The Venture (a new ship going into space) malfunctions and is headed towards earth. But don’t worry, the red capes are coming! Supes meets his cousin at the ship, and it becomes a team-up mission. This was a great introduction for Superman, and seeing him work with Supergirl was awesome!
This leads to Clark Kent staying in National City for a couple of days to investigate what happened. Whenever Kal-El walks into a room whether he’s Superman or Clark Kent he gets everyone’s attention. Winn geeking out over Superman, and Cat flirting (I think?) with Clark was some on the more humorous moments of the episode.

Clark and Kara discover that Lena Luthor might be behind the attack on the Venture. I mean, her name is Luthor so obviously she’s our first suspect, and she conveniently manages to not make it to the launch. They talk to Lena and eventually come to the conclusion that she’s innocent. This entire subplot of Lena and Kara having to come out from under Lex’s and Clark’s shadows is an interesting idea. I just hope they can make it work, because I thought we put that to bed last season. I’m also not sold on Lena Luthor. Some of her dialog was just bad: “There’s some steel under that Kansas wheat“. Hopefully it gets better from here.
Meanwhile some shady no-name villain was behind everything. Don’t worry, he’s not important because Superman is here! One of the weaker parts of season one was the villains, and that carried over to this episode. To be fair, we’ll see this guy take on a new form next week, something a little more familiar.
As he attacks LuthorCorp’s renaming ceremony Supergirl, Superman and Alex try to stop him. Alex wasn’t given much to do in this episode, and I’m fine with that. Team Supergirl isn’t as strong as Team Flash or Team Arrow, but they all worked pretty well here. Supergirl and Superman save the city, and even keep a building from collapsing!
This was a great episode. The introduction of Superman was done perfectly, Cat Grant teaching Kara is always great (I’m gonna miss Cat),but the beef between J’onn and Superman didn’t really work for me. Superman needs to understand that J’onn needs the kryptonite. Last season and even this episode proved that kryptonians are still out there. They need to be ready in case of any attack.

I really enjoyed the family interaction between Kara and Clark. It felt like they were related (both are lovable dorks). If Team Supergirl continues to work like this well oiled machine then I think we’re in for a great season.

Guys I’m letting you know that these won’t be weekly reviews. We’ll definitely be back for the four episode crossover and the midseason finale. Thanks for reading and we’ll be back in a few weeks!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

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