Looks Like Warner Bros. is Developing an Animated WATCHMEN Movie

Alan Moore’s acclaimed graphic novel, Watchmen, was adapted for the big screen by Zack Snyder a few years back. Since then, there were talks about HBO doing a television series based on the comic, while the characters are being integrated into the mainstream DC Universe with Rebirth. Now, it looks like an animated film is on the way.

Film Buff Online and Comic Book Resources have shared a recent survey by Warner Bros. through the A-List Community program, which gauges opinions on upcoming film and television projects via surveys. This survey describes an “upcoming made-for-video movie” based on Watchmen.

The survey includes a plot synopsis, confirming that this Watchmen adaptation will be animated, it will be faithful to the graphic novel, and it will probably be rated R. This would be the latest adult-oriented effort from WB Animation and DC, following Batman: The Killing Joke and Justice League Dark.

Additional details on Watchmen, including a voice cast and release date, are currently unknown. However, I would expect some sort of official announcement in the coming weeks or months. Maybe around San Diego Comic-Con?

Stay tuned for more updates as we have them.

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