New Details on Sony's Plans for SPIDER-MAN's Cinematic Future: Spin-Offs, HOMECOMING Sequel and More

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The Hollywood Reporter has published a piece on the development of Spider-Man: Homecoming, describing the process of Spidey joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The piece also confirms the movie’s budget, along with new information on the sequel and Sony’s planned spin-offs.

Will Iron Man return for the Homecoming sequel? Who is the main villain of Venom? Which other spin-offs are in the works? All these questions and more are answered here.

  • Marvel’s Kevin Feige reaffirms the specifics of the Spider-Man deal, recalling his negotiations with Sony’s Amy Pascal. “It really came down to me telling Amy in her office that I think the best thing for this character is: Sony has the rights, that’s not changing. Have Sony pay for the movie, distribute the movie, market the movie. Just let us make the movie and incorporate him into our universe.” So, basically, Marvel is the one who actually makes the movie, but Sony will still maintain the movies’ profits and retain the character rights.
  • Former Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter originally pitched a $275 million budget for Homecoming, which would’ve made it the most expensive Spidey film to date. However, Feige and Pascal refused. The movie instead has a $175 million budget (not counting marketing), making it the cheapest Spidey film since the 2002 movie ($139 million). It’s also on par with the first two installments of the Iron Man and Captain America franchises.
  • Tom Holland is contracted to play Spider-Man in three solo films, along with additional Marvel movies. (He is appearing in the next two Avengers movies.) But Sony is also keen on bringing him into the spin-off films, such as Venom and Silver & Black. This reaffirms Pascal’s past comments on the spin-offs taking place in the MCU.
  • Speaking of Venom, it appears that the villain of that movie is none other than Carnage. This makes sense, considering how closely connected the two characters are in comic book lore.
  • Sony is also developing new movies that focus on classic Spidey villains Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio. The studio now intends to gradually build out its Spider-Man world, rather than launch with, say, Sinister Six right out of the gate.
  • Michael Keaton, who plays Vulture in Homecoming, is only contracted for one movie. So unless they renew his contract, don’t expect him to become a recurring character in the MCU.
  • Part of the Spider-Man deal was to bring in at least one MCU character in Homecoming. That character turned out to be Tony Stark/Iron Man. The sequel, scheduled for July 2019, will again feature an MCU character. However, don’t expect Stark to return in this movie.
So, it looks like Sony still has big plans for the Spider-Man franchise, thanks in part to some assistance from Marvel Studios. Stay tuned for more updates as we have them.
Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 7th; Venom will arrive on October 5th, 2018; Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 is scheduled for July 5th, 2019.

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