FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 4×05 “Girls Night Out”

The Flash (4×05) – “Girls
Night Out”
Written by:         Lauren Certo & Kristen Kim
Directed by:       Laura
Okay, so we
have a problem… Barry’s new enemy is named DeVoe and while it’s not as common
as say “Smith” there’s a lot of DeVoe out there so Barry’s going to have get
more than a last name.  But that is going
to have to wait for while they train Ralph.
Did I say “train
Ralph?” Because I meant “Say hello to Felicity so we can have our
bachelor/bachelorette party episode.”  Hi
Felicity!  Good to see you again!
Over at the
West Home, Cecile’s daughter is visiting to catch up with her mom and her
fetal-half-sibling before the boys show up to have a completely unrealistic
bachelor night.  I’m not saying brothels
and black jack but every bachelor’s party I’ve been to has least had a steak
dinner and a night at the ball park.
Ralph shows
up and pitches things into the TV cliché bachelor party.  Meanwhile the ladies are having dinner when
the scumbag from the bar Cisco found Caitlin in looking for her on behalf of
Amunet.  Even better he’s got some Event
Horizon shit going on in his eye socket. 
So before you can say “Dissociative Identity Disorder” Killer Frost
shows up to save the day.  Before she
bails on Iris’ dinner.
Over at “The
Golden Booty” all the boys are disgusted by the place and Ralph… because of
course they are it’s an episode where people literally say “#Feminism.” So let’s
just move along because the only thing that happen here is Barry gets drunk and
they find Cecile’s daughter dancing so she can “write a book.”
So the
ladies follow Killer Frost back to the Lab where she reveals that Caitlin was
about to skip out on them because of Amunet but she has a more permanent plan:
She’s going to kill Amunet.  It’s a plan
that Iris doesn’t approve of so she and the rest of the ladies are going to
follow Frost and stop her from killing people.
lair is apparently a rave and hey it’s Katee Sackhoff!  My second favorite BSG alum… and she’s got a
terrible English accent.  Eww, that
should have taken care of on the set. 
Anyway she’s found one of the bus metas and his tears are a drug… well
as powers go it could have been worse. 
She want Killer Frost back to help her sell it.  The negotiations break down very quickly so
Iris has to step in and keep everyone from dying…
Listen, this
episode is pretty paint-by-numbers so I’m going to pull back some and review
this cliff notes style.  The boys end up in a
bar fight and arrested before Harry bails them out.  While Iris confronts Frost about why Caitlin
worked with Amunet.  Turns out she had
some tech that Caitlin used to control Killer Frost but it came with the price
of working for Amunet who believes all employment contracts should be lifetime
Killer frost
ends up in a trap and the girls have to fight Amunet to keep her from selling
the bus meta.  After defeating Amunet the
bus meta escapes and is found by The Thinker.
The thing
about these reviews is when the episode is great I have a lot of fun digging in
deep and pulling every little thing out to examine.  Sometimes when the episodes are bad there’s
plenty to unpack too but episodes like this where they never really go outside
of any safety zones there’s just nothing fun for me so there you have it.  This episode wasn’t bad, it was just meh so
that’s where we’ll leave it.
Three Things We
Learned This Week:
The Weeper is the first of the Bus Metas the
Thinker has control of.
Caitlin’s powers definitely work like some sort
of Jekyll/Hyde thing.
The Incredible Hulk (and presumably the rest of
Marvel Comic characters) exists as fiction in the CW-Verse.
Unanswered Questions:
1)      Will
we see Amunet again?
2)      What
can The Thinker even do with the Weeper’s powers?
3)      Will
Caitlin be able to integrate Killer Frost back into her personality or will her
powers only work with Frost as a “separate” entity?

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