CRISIS ON EARTH-X Featurette Bids Farewell to a Fallen Legend

[Warning: The Following Contains SPOILERS From the “Crisis on Earth-X” Crossover.]
This week saw The CW’s fourth annual Arrowverse crossover, “Crisis on Earth-X.” In this story, our heroes come together and face an army of Nazis from Earth-X, as well as old foes and evil doppelgangers. The crossover not only delivered in spectacle, but also excelled in heartfelt, character-driven arcs. One of those stemmed from the death of one of the shows’ most prominent heroes.
In the second half of the crossover, Martin Stein, aka one-half of Firestorm, was killed off. He opened the breach from Earth-X back to Earth-1, but was critically wounded in the process. He later severs his biological connection to Jax before dying.
This death comes after the news that actor Victor Garber was leaving Legends of Tomorrow this season. Originally, the show was paving the way for Stein to be freed from the Firestorm matrix, so he could retire and go back to his family. Unfortunately, he died before that could happen.
The CW released a new featurette in honor of Stein. Here, Garber reflects on playing the character, interacting with fans, and more. Check it out below…

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