FEATURE: Five R-Rated Marvel Movies We Want to See

On the big screen, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become known for making family-friendly movies, with every single movie being PG-13. With Disney distributing these movies, fans have not expected R-rated content to ever come from this franchise – save for a few shows on Netflix.
However, with Disney’s acquisition of Fox, that may be about to change. Disney CEO Bob Iger recently said that the studio is open to keeping the Deadpool franchise R-rated, and there is interest in other Marvel movies geared towards adults. This would allow Marvel Studios to explore more mature and complex themes on film.
So, if Disney and Marvel are going to release any R-rated movies, we have a few suggestions…
Blade was the star of his own movie trilogy in the late 1990s/early 2000s, playing a key role in the expansion of the comic book movie genre. After the third movie, the franchise died down – save for a short TV show – and the rights reverted back to Marvel Studios. The studio hasn’t done anything with the property since; while Blade would perfectly fit into the Netflix shows, why not give him another movie?
The Blade trilogy was a profitable series for New Line, so Marvel may see it more financially appeasing to bring the character back to the big screen instead of television. As for the movie’s plot, a rumor back in 2015 suggested that Blade’s daughter would be the focus. That would be an interesting path for the MCU that would set it apart from the original trilogy.
Moon Knight

Moon Knight is one of the more recognizable Marvel characters who hasn’t popped up in the MCU yet. A television series starring Marc Spector, a former soldier-turned-vigilante, was actually announced back in 2006, but obviously, that never went anywhere. In more recent years, Moon Knight has been a frequently rumored choice for Marvel’s next Netflix series. If Marvel doesn’t do that, then a movie would be the next best choice.

Despite some fantastical elements in his backstory – Egyptian moon god Khonshu revives Spector, who becomes his avatar on Earth – Moon Knight would be a great candidate for a gritty, lower-budget movie. Giving him the R-rated treatment would be a perfect fit. But regardless, it’s a surprise that Moon Knight hasn’t been adapted anywhere yet. Hopefully, Marvel will fix that soon.

The Punisher
After three failed film projects, Marvel finally got Frank Castle right on Netflix with The Punisher. Jon Bernthal’s performance was incredible, the brutality was off the chain, and the story was engaging. But what if Castle got an even bigger audience with his own movie?
There has been speculation that Disney’s upcoming streaming service would result in Marvel no longer producing shows for Netflix. That’s not the case so far (Punisher just got renewed for a second season), but if one day Marvel decides to leave Netflix, why not bring some of those characters into the movies? And if there is going to be some R-rated movies, then few characters fit the bill better than Punisher. Additionally, it’d be nice to see a Punisher movie that’s actually, you know, good.
Heroes for Hire
Two other Marvel characters on Netflix are Luke Cage and Iron Fist. After debuting in their own shows, the two teamed up alongside Daredevil and Jessica Jones in The Defenders. While their partnership was uneasy at best, the characters are expected to continue developing their friendship in future shows. But it’d also be cool to see them do so in a film.
A full-fledged buddy movie set in the MCU would be a lot of fun. It would expand on the Cage/Rand relationship without taking up time on their solo shows. And since a Heroes for Hire series likely isn’t happening, a two-hour film is the next best thing.
And finally, we have the mutant who’s best at what he does. Hugh Jackman played Wolverine for 17 years, bringing his run to a close with this year’s Logan. But with Disney in the process of acquiring Fox, there is already said to be interest in recasting Wolverine. Since he’s one of Marvel’s biggest characters, there’s no way he wouldn’t be brought into the MCU after the acquisition.
While Wolverine can still be part of the PG-13 movies (X-Men reboot, Avengers sequels, etc.), I’d prefer if any solo movies would retain the R rating. The character really thrives in this setting. I mean, he slices and stabs people to death using claws that come out of his hands. Logan gave us Wolverine action that’s not held back. Let’s keep that for future movies.
Honorable Mentions: Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Fantomex, Black Widow, Howard the Duck

Which R-rated Marvel movies do you want to see?

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