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Directed By: Sam Liu, Jake Castorena
Based Upon: “The Death of Superman” by DC Comics
Wow. Just wow.
The End.
JUST KIDDING. The non-spoiler review is below. I might do a spoiler review after the movie is out on all platforms.
I was enormously impressed with this film. The DC Animated Movie Universe has neverrr caught my eye in the slightest, but this one really takes everything I hated from the last movies and tosses out the window. We get to see a more balanced Clark Kent, yet also a more… troubled Clark. Gah this is hard to do without so many spoilers. 
I wish we’d had this fight with Doomsday in Batman versus Superman ok? There I said it. This fight truly pushes Superman to his limits, and there is nothing he can do to stop it. And I loveeee it. The emotional stakes are incredible, and I just really bonded with this movie. We see all of his supporting cast with Lois and Jimmy, and the rest of the Justice League. It feels like everything Clark wants is just in his grasp, and he’s just a second away, and then it gets torn away from him. 
The animation is still wonky to me, I like the older animated movies better, but I can deal with it. The short dynamics that we see in the League personnel were great, hysterical, you can really see how far they’ve come since they first built the league. They’ve played with this Superman iteration’s personal life so much, its weird to me, but it did come a long way back for me. And being I hadn’t read the comic for this, the curveball at the end really took me by surprise. But if you’ve read the comic you know *winky face*. I’m excited for Reign of the Supermen, which comes out early next year!
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