Dune: Part One : Lady Jessica and Paul stand on a hill in the desert
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Slice of Dune: Part One: A Slice of Film Podcast

Katie dives deep into the latest release on Warner Bros’ HBO Max, and Denis Villeneuve’s latest film, Dune: Part One. What makes a good character driven exposition film, that also builds a world for a brighter future as a franchise? Is the ensemble cast worth it? How many jokes does Katie make about her talking to herself? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Katie ends the show with a quick recap of what she’s been watching, including the film for the latest Slice of Film, No Time to Die, and Star Wars: Rebels, and what’s to come, including all four Ghostbusters movies for November, and a chat on Raimi’s Spider-Man.

You can follow Katie on Twitter, @sliceofkatie, Slice of Film on Twitter, @sliceoffilm1, or Katie’s other podcast Star Wars Alliance, @starwrssalliance. You can check out Katie’s personal website at slicerscribbles.com.

Dune: Part One is available on HBO Max currently until November 21st, and is in theaters now.

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