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FEATURE: Five Characters We Want to See in ANT-MAN 3

Marvel’s Ant-Man and The Wasp is out in just a few days, and unsurprisingly, the sequel is already generating hype. Early reviews have been positive, while the film is on track for a solid box office opening. Naturally, this leads to speculation on a third Ant-Man movie.

There are still some characters in Ant-Man lore who need to join the movies, while there are other Marvel characters who’d make a great team-up with the MCU’s smallest hero. Below, we list five characters we’d want to see in Ant-Man 3 or a future sequel.

Eric O’Grady
Eric O’Grady is the third person in the comics to take on the Ant-Man mantle. A low-level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, O’Grady used the Ant-Man costume to fulfill his own selfish wishes. He was willing to lie, cheat, and steal his way through his missions. Despite this, O’Grady went on to be redeemed and embrace a desire to become a proper hero.
Seeing O’Grady in Ant-Man 3 would be interesting. The first movie focused on Hank Pym passing the Ant-Man suit down to Scott Lang, and having Lang pass it down to someone else could bring the trilogy full circle. Have Lang clash with O’Grady in training, and then ultimately have O’Grady be redeemed and worthy of the mantle. Then, you could have O’Grady headline future Ant-Man films. But, that would depend on how committed Paul Rudd is to the role long-term.
Ant-Man doesn’t have the biggest rogues gallery in the comics, but one villain who hasn’t been done yet is Whirlwind. David Cannon is a fast mutant who spins at supersonic speeds, thus creating, well, a whirlwind. This doesn’t sound like the most groundbreaking villain or anything, but seeing him in a movie would be fun.
Whirlwind would be a solid villain for Ant-Man 3, either as the main antagonist or a minor foe. The visuals of his powers would be interesting to see in a movie, and seeing how the Ant-Man series has strove for visually unique characters and sequences, Whirlwind feels like the next logical step. And with Disney in the process of acquiring Fox – and by extension, the X-Men franchise – they can call Whirlwind a mutant and get away with it.
The Incredible Hulk has been one of the MCU’s biggest recurring characters, serving as an original member of the Avengers. Last we saw him was in Avengers: Infinity War, Bruce Banner struggled to bring the Hulk back out after a brutal beating by Thanos. The Green Goliath will return in Avengers 4, but with that film expected to conclude the original Avengers’ stories, it’s unknown if there is a future for Hulk in Phase 4. But if there is, we have an idea.
Having an original Avenger in Ant-Man 3 would really give it a boost, continuing the franchise’s team-up trend from Ant-Man and The Wasp. Seeing the smallest hero and the biggest hero work together is just comedic genius, and it’d give Marvel an excuse to continue exploiting Hulk without giving him another solo film. Seeing Bruce Banner and Hank Pym work together would be fun too. 
Justin Hammer
Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer was an antagonist in Iron Man 2, and besides a prison cameo in the All Hail the King One-Shot, he hasn’t been seen since. Rockwell has talked over the years about his interest in reprising the role, while Hammer Industries’ impact has been felt in other parts of the MCU – particularly on Netflix’s Luke Cage, where Hammer Tech had used Chitauri weaponry to create new weapons like the Judas bullet.
If Hammer were to return in a future MCU movie, then Ant-Man 3 would be a good place. Hammer would be solid as a grounded, tech-heavy foe for Scott to face, and it could expand on how his company has utilized Chitauri weapons and other tech. But really, I think we can all agree that the MCU can use more Sam Rockwell.
And finally, we have a major Marvel Universe villain who still hasn’t been in a movie yet. Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing (MODOK) has been a recurring villain for many Marvel heroes in the comics, and there has been fan interest in seeing him join the MCU. While it’s only a matter of time, he’d be a pretty perfect fit in Ant-Man 3.
Whether it’s using psionic abilities, force field barriers or converting himself into data, MODOK is a pretty formidable opponent for any Marvel hero. His physical appearance may be on the “weirder” side of the universe, but Ant-Man deals with weird stuff on a regular basis. So, out of the upcoming Marvel movies, MODOK would arguably be most at home with Ant-Man.
Honorable Mentions: Howard the Duck, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, War Machine, Maria Hill

Which character(s) do you want to see in Ant-Man 3?

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