Why Aquaman is Actually One of DC’s Best Characters

Aquaman has been one of DC’s most prominent heroes throughout its history. He has been the King of Atlantis, a founding member of the Justice League, and a defender of the Earth. Despite this, Aquaman has been frequently seen as a joke among the mainstream audience. Whether it’s the bright orange costume or his ability to talk to fish, a lot of people just don’t take him seriously.

Well, I personally have been a fan of Aquaman forever. I always thought that he was a fascinating character. In fact, he’s one of my favorite characters in the DC Universe. Here, I will break down why I believe that.

He’s a King
What sets Arthur Curry apart from the rest of the Justice League is that, simply put, he’s royalty. He’s the king of not only an entire kingdom, but the largest and most resourceful kingdom on Earth. He basically has control over the entire ocean world, which makes up about 70% of the planet. That is very, very cool. Not to mention, he’s basically ruler of all the sea creatures, Atlanteans, and more. There are few superheroes in the DC Universe who could consider themselves a king, let alone one with this much wealth.
His (Aquatic) World is Fascinating
Aquaman’s kingdom beyond is really unique. There is a wide variety of ocean creatures, and not just the goldfish and sea horses. Aquaman lore can have everything from sharks to giant monsters. And the actual supporting characters – Mera, Atlanna, etc. – are all interesting in their own right. Aquaman’s rogues gallery is good too, with Ocean Master and Black Manta serving as some of the DC Universe’s most memorable foes. Arthur Curry is an interesting character in his own right, but everyone needs a strong supporting cast. Thankfully, he has one.
He’s a Man of Two Worlds
Arthur Curry is a product of both land and sea. His father comes from the surface world, and his mother is the queen of the ocean world. Essentially, he is a “half-breed.” Arthur’s conflict with reconciling his two heritages is a fascinating arc, in both the comics and the movie. This is a super unique trait within the DCU. For example, while Superman is technically of both Krypton and Earth, he is born purely of Kryptonian blood. Aquaman has both worlds in his blood, and seeing him struggle between the two is very interesting. This is one of many things that sets him apart from other superheroes.
His Powers Are Actually Amazing
Sure, it’s easy to depict Aquaman talking to fish as corny or whatever. But when adapted properly, his powers are actually really cool. I mean, commanding sharks to destroy your enemies? Riding giant sea monsters? Near invulnerability? The ability to breathe underwater? Those are awesome things. Who wouldn’t want to see that, especially in a movie? This power set is unique among DC heroes, and it makes Arthur Curry a more interesting character.
He’s Freaking Aquaman
At the end of the day, Aquaman is a very compelling character. He is a man born of two worlds, growing up in one and becoming king of the other. He is able to communicate with all sea life, experience near invulnerability, and superhuman strength. He struggles with his identity torn between his two worlds. And he’s the center of rich mythology in the DC Universe. All these traits and more make Arthur Curry one of the most fascinating heroes not only in DC, but superhero lore in general.
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