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Review: Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog is a movie, based on the hit videogame of the same name. We follow Sonic (voiced by Ben Schwartz), a humanoid blue hedgehog that can run faster than light itself, who hides in a city called Green Hills. But trouble arrives when he gets the government’s attention.

When this movie adaptation got announced it had me raise an eyebrow. With all the fantastical worlds that Sonic runs in, why not make it animated? Years later, here I am, writing a review for it.

Sonic is a much better film than expected. Ben Schwartz, nails the personality of the blue blur. Sonic is an energetic goofball, that is both lovable and curious. James Marsden’s character Tom Wachowski works as the point of view character for the audience. He’s a solid companion to Sonic.

The best thing about the movie is the one and only Jim Carrey (Dr. Robotnik). Seeing him with his classic Jim Carreyness was a blast from the past and suited the villainous role like Robert Downey Jr. and the mannerism he gave his take on Iron Man. His character was a perfect counterpart to the cartoony protagonist.

My biggest gripes with this movie are the blatant product placement. I know that there is product placement in most movies, but make it subtle. Otherwise, it gardens annoyance.

If there is anything Hollywood should learn after Detective Pikachu, and now Sonic The Hedgehog, is that the design of the animated character(s) is something that can make or break the movie. If Paramount Pictures had stuck with their original design, it is safe to say that we would have seen another Cats. A real-life actor playing a cartoony villain against a “realistic” animated creature would clash like vanilla ice cream on a pepperoni pizza.

Sonic is a fun film that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, even if the former is the target audience. Judging by the reactions in the theaters, this movie is a must-watch if you are a fan of the classic SEGA character. Remember to stay for the mid-credits. It will bring a smile on your face.

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