4 Crossovers That Nintendo Needs to Do

Crossovers are nothing new for Nintendo. Just look at one of the most successful franchises of all time, Super Smash Brothers. While they have done other crossovers, such as Fire Emblem crossing over with Dynasty Warriors or Pokémon crossing over with Tekken; there is still plenty of potential for crossovers for Nintendo to consider. Here…Continue Reading “4 Crossovers That Nintendo Needs to Do”

Review : FATMAN

When Billy Wenan gets a lump of coal under the Christmas tree, he declares war against Santa and hires an assassin to bring an end to the winter mascot people know and love. When the trailer for Fatman arrived, it took the internet by surprise. Those that watched it believed it was an off-season April…Continue Reading “Review : FATMAN”

Spoiler Free Review: Pixar’s SOUL

When the aspiring musician Joe ends up in trouble, he finds himself becoming a mentor in something he least expected. When I started my viewing of Pixar Animation Studio’s latest movie, a feeling of nervousness started to creep up. Everyone and their grandmother hailed this movie as Pixar’s next cinematic masterpiece. And as the credits…Continue Reading “Spoiler Free Review: Pixar’s SOUL”

SPOILER FREE REVIEW: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Link, Zelda, and the four champions of Hyrule face the entity of darkness known as Calamity Ganon in an epic war set a mere one-hundred years prior to the events of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. When this entry was first announced, it caused a bit…Continue Reading “SPOILER FREE REVIEW: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity”


Many moons ago, yours truly reviewed the first part of Pokémon: Sword & Shield’s expansion pack the Isle of Armor. And being the completionist that I am, a review of Crown Tundra, the second and supposedly last installment of the 8th generation of Pokémon games DLC, was a must. Now, the first point that I…Continue Reading “REVIEW: POKEMON: SWORD & SHIELD – CROWN TUNDRA DLC”

Review: Pikmin 3 Deluxe

To describe the Pikmin franchise as a genre, it would be fair to classify it as a puzzle/survivor/horror franchise. The player is required to find a way to defeat specific enemies, using specific Pikmin, while also facing specific roadblocks and puzzles that need to be solved in order to advance the protagonist’s journey. In the…Continue Reading “Review: Pikmin 3 Deluxe”

Video Game Review: FAIRY TAIL (2020)

When I saw that Koei Tecmo were assigned on another anime licensed video game, it got my curiosity, due to their Attack on Titan game that I reviewed. But when I found out that it was going to be a game based on the manga Fairy Tail, it certainly got my attention. Unlike the Attack…Continue Reading “Video Game Review: FAIRY TAIL (2020)”


Mario’s latest journey makes its way to the Nintendo Switch in Paper Mario: The Origami King. When the evil King Olly ventures to turn the world into an Origami Masterpiece, it is up to our favorite thinly-sliced plumber and Plumber Olivia to save it from the Origami King’s sinister plans. Paper Mario is a franchise…Continue Reading “Review: PAPER MARIO: THE ORIGAMI KING (2020)”

Review: BNA: BRAND NEW ANIMAL Season 1

A human-turned-tanuki named Michiru runs away to Anima City. There she hopes to get protection and answers. When she meets Shirou, a beastkin who can turn into a wolf, the answer might not lie so far away. Like A Whisker Away, I found this randomly on Netflix. It looked like it could be a lot of…Continue Reading “Review: BNA: BRAND NEW ANIMAL Season 1”

Review: A WHISKER AWAY (2020)

When Miyo Sasaki gets the chance to transform into a cat, she uses it with the hope of knowing more about the boy she has a crush on. Problems arrive, however, when the line between being human and cat becomes shorter. There are times where you find something at random. Be it the library or…Continue Reading “Review: A WHISKER AWAY (2020)”