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Has the New JUSTICE LEAGUE Animated Series Just Been Confirmed?

Justice League: 2003 series
For the past couple of months we have been hearing rumors of a new Justice League animated series developed by Cartoon Network. First we had the poster on the wall in a Warner Bros. office (check it out here), and then we had Jon Schnepp say he’s heard rumors of Bruce Timm returning to produce (link here). Now we have even more evidence that the JLA is returning to the small screen. 
James Harvey of The World’s Finest is reporting that Cartoon Network Canada and have confirmed a new cartoon is in the works.
When asked by The World’s Finest about a possible upcoming new animated Justice League series, a representative for Cartoon Network Canada replied with the following: We will be premiering a new Justice League series, but not likely until next fall.
Not only do we seemingly have confirmation from Cartoon Network, we also have this tweet from Kevin Conroy:

If Conroy is doing the voice of Batman in the new series, maybe the other cast members are returning to their roles. If that is the case, hopefully an announcement is made at the Justice League reunion panel at New York Comic-Con this week. Having the Justice League back on television makes perfect sense with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice bringing the team to the big screen for the first time. This should be taken with a grain of salt. Nothing is official until Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network make a public announcement.

With the cast of the original Justice League animated series having a reunion panel at New York Comic-Con, maybe they announce a new series? If that is the case we could have an announcement this week! As always, stay tuned for more news as it comes.    

 [Source: The Blog of OA]
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