Young Justice is about a group of young heroes who work a special ops team for the Justice League. The team’s mission is to bring down the Light, an evil organization that the main Justice League legally can’t get involved with. Season one dealt with the formation of the team and introduced us to the…Continue Reading “Review: YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION”

Review: YOUNG JUSTICE Season One

Young Justice season one is full of action, humor, and lovable characters. It’s serialized unlike the more episodic shows like Batman: The Animated Series or Justice League. This allows time to develop the relationships between the teenage super team. Under the care of Batman: Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, Miss Martian, Artemis, and Zatanna act…Continue Reading “Review: YOUNG JUSTICE Season One”

Netflix’s THE LAST AIRBENDER – Can It Work?

So, I finally have an excuse to write about Avatar: The Last Airbender (I’ve waited 84 years). With Netflix reviving the hit Nickelodeon series, we have to ask the obvious questions, will it work and do we even need it? Well, let’s sort this thing out. Avatar: The Last Airbender is an animated series that…Continue Reading “Netflix’s THE LAST AIRBENDER – Can It Work?”

The Flash (5×17)- “Time Bomb” Written by:         Kristen Kim & Sterling Gates Directed by:       Rob Greenlea So when we left off things weren’t looking good for our heroes.  Orlin had taken the cure but the adult Grace had come from the future to take up his mantle and it seems just not only more powerful…Continue Reading “FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×17- “Time Bomb””

Retro Review – Death Parade

In Death Parade, we follow the bartender Decim. When people enter his bar, they get forced to play a game. A game that decides if a person will end up in oblivion or win the prize of reincarnation. Death Parade is not an easy show to watch. Not because of the quality, but because of…Continue Reading “Retro Review – Death Parade”

FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×16- “Failure is an Orphan”

The Flash (5×16)- “Failure is An Orphan” Written by:         Zack Stentz Directed by:       Viet Nguyen After back to back weeks of filler episodes I guess we all should have expected for them to throw everything into disarray with a big change episode.  But is it good change or bad change?  Let’s see if we can…Continue Reading “FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×16- “Failure is an Orphan””

Esai Morales Cast As Deathstroke In ‘Titans’ Season 2!

With Doom Patrol ongoing on DC’s streaming app and Swamp Thing is in pre-production some casting news has come out regarding Titans season two. And it’s a BIG one. Deadline is now reporting that Latino actor Esai Morales has been cast as the big bad for ‘Titans’ season two. And it’s none other than Slade…Continue Reading “Esai Morales Cast As Deathstroke In ‘Titans’ Season 2!”


The Umbrella Academy follows a family of eccentric superheroes that reunite when their adopted father, Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore); who has suddenly and mysteriously passes away. When I first saw the trailer for The Umbrella Academy, I did not know what to expect. I knew it was adapted a Dark Horse comic created by…Continue Reading “Review: THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 1”

Report: Marvel Studios Is Developing “What If” TV-series for Their Streaming Service Disney+

According to Peter Sciretta from Slash Film, Marvel Studios are reportedly developing an Animated TV-series for their streaming service Disney+. This is what Peter Sciretta reports: We have exclusively learned that Marvel Studios will be producing a new television series for the Disney+ streaming service based on the popular What If comic book series. The…Continue Reading “Report: Marvel Studios Is Developing “What If” TV-series for Their Streaming Service Disney+”

FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×15- “King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd”

The Flash (5×15)- “King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd” Written by:         Eric Wallace & Lauren Certo Directed by:       Stefan Pleszczynski Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: This was another filler episode. However, we should all be aware of that by now considering the cost prohibitive nature of Gorilla Grodd episodes.  A…Continue Reading “FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×15- “King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd””