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THE FLASH Season 4 Finale Will Have Two Big Cliffhangers

We just have three episodes left for this season of The Flash, with the finale airing on May 22nd. Not much is known about the finale yet, except that it should mark the end of Barry and his team’s battle with DeVoe. However, there will be more twists along the way, paving the way for season five.

Executive producer Todd Helbing tells Entertainment Weekly that the Inception-inspired finale will feature not one, but two big cliffhangers. One cliffhanger will finally reveal the identity of the mystery girl played by Jessica Parker Kennedy. We’ve seen glimpses of the character throughout the season, and fans have gone crazy with speculation on who she is. The popular theory is that she is Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future. But, we’ll have to wait and see.

The second cliffhanger will set up a new villain for season five. Helbing simply says, “Most people that are familiar with comics will probably be able to deduce who the big bad is for next season.” The Flash has already gone through many of Barry’s enemies in the comics and then some, so it’ll be interesting to see who this new one will be. One villain that fans have wanted to see is Godspeed, a speedster who was introduced in DC’s Rebirth comics a couple years ago.

Stay tuned for more news as we have it.

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