The Flash (5×17)- “Time Bomb” Written by:         Kristen Kim & Sterling Gates Directed by:       Rob Greenlea So when we left off things weren’t looking good for our heroes.  Orlin had taken the cure but the adult Grace had come from the future to take up his mantle and it seems just not only more powerful…Continue Reading “FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×17- “Time Bomb””

FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×16- “Failure is an Orphan”

The Flash (5×16)- “Failure is An Orphan” Written by:         Zack Stentz Directed by:       Viet Nguyen After back to back weeks of filler episodes I guess we all should have expected for them to throw everything into disarray with a big change episode.  But is it good change or bad change?  Let’s see if we can…Continue Reading “FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×16- “Failure is an Orphan””

FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×15- “King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd”

The Flash (5×15)- “King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd” Written by:         Eric Wallace & Lauren Certo Directed by:       Stefan Pleszczynski Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: This was another filler episode. However, we should all be aware of that by now considering the cost prohibitive nature of Gorilla Grodd episodes.  A…Continue Reading “FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×15- “King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd””

ARROW Will End with Season 8 This Fall

The CW launched a new era in 2012 with the premiere of Arrow, a new take on DC’s Green Arrow lore. The show is currently in its seventh season. Along the way, it has spawned an entire “Arrowverse” of other shows – The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. That’s not counting multiple animated spinoffs…Continue Reading “ARROW Will End with Season 8 This Fall”

FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×14- “Cause and XS”

The Flash (5×14)- “Cause and XS” Written by:         Todd Helbing & Jeff Hersh Directed by:       Rachel Talalay With new episodes coming up this week, I better take time out of my busy schedule to review the last episode. Cause and XS!  continues this strange Flash tradition of putting out holiday episodes a week after the…Continue Reading “FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×14- “Cause and XS””

Kate Kane’s Step-Mother Cast In BATWOMAN

Kate Kane’s step-mother has been cast! Elizabeth Anweis will take on the roll as The CW’s Batwoman pilot’s production is coming near. She will play the wife to Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott), and based on the character description Variety provided, might be a thorn in Batwoman’s side. Catherine made her fortune as a savvy, bullheaded…Continue Reading “Kate Kane’s Step-Mother Cast In BATWOMAN”

BATWOMAN Changes Directors; Dougray Scott Cast as Jacob Kane

We have an update on the Batwoman pilot! Jacob Kane has been cast; and the show gets a new director. According to Entertainment Weekly, director Marcos Siega has replaced the previous, David Nutter for the Batwoman pilot. Nutter has stepped away for personal reasons. He will still serve as an executive producer on the pilot….Continue Reading “BATWOMAN Changes Directors; Dougray Scott Cast as Jacob Kane”

Recap: ARROW S7 E13 – “Star City Slayer”

Coming off of the stellar milestone episode last week, things get darker in this episode. Oliver is trying to mend his relationship with William, but things don’t seem to be progressing. William is a kid who’s been kidnapped, drugged, and attacked by a mob boss. He’s lived a rough life, and it all started when…Continue Reading “Recap: ARROW S7 E13 – “Star City Slayer””

FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×13- “Goldfaced”

The Flash (5×13)- “Goldfaced” Written by:         Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza Directed by:       Alexandra La Roche “Goldface…”  Well there’s worse names that start with Gold. Were you expecting someone else? Let’s cut to the chase, we have ourselves a very interesting theme for this week’s episode:  Characters being manipulated into doing something ill-advised through the…Continue Reading “FLASH SPOILER Review: Episode 5×13- “Goldfaced””

Recap: ARROW S7 E12 – “Emerald Archer”

If you told me that Arrow’s 150th episode would take inspiration from The Office, I would’ve have thought you were crazy. Yet here we are. Emerald Archer takes a look back at Arrow’s long history. Paying tribute to our favorite hooded vigilante hero. The episode doesn’t start with Stephen Amell’s usual: “previously on Arrow.” Instead, we…Continue Reading “Recap: ARROW S7 E12 – “Emerald Archer””